Smartphones Usage How It Is Increasing Consistently

The smartphone era just has reached to the utmost level of its popularity. Every kind of online work is now done by using these smartphones only.

The hectic daily schedule of life makes the people or it’s better to say force the people to complete their needful tasks quickly and safely.

Online shopping, utility bill payments, reading news paper and magazine, keeping reminders of things, being in conversation with clients over e-mails and Skype are some examples of work which these smartphones can do effortlessly and in a secure way too.

The apps for like an E-wallet keep your money and can be used to pay the bill of everything you need. Moreover, the entertainment, lifestyle, health, general awareness, gaming, infant learning apps are some very famous section of these smartphones which are luring customers.

All these features are responsible for increasing the usage of smartphones consistently.

Other than these, the current range of smartphone is too wide to select a device for you. Just like for example, if you need a smartphone for entertainment purpose or say for temporary basis to see how it actually works then the smartphones with tin the price range of $200 to  $250  available with essential features and important task doing capability.

On the other hand, giants like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC and Nokia Lumia are too available to make your world just as cozy as your sofa.

These phones have numerous apps of every possible task that could be done only over the click of a button.
The Camera is one of the key essential features of these expensive devices and capturing the special moments in an epic way is everyone’s desire.

These smartphones have whooping camera power like Lumia 1020 has 41 MP, iPhone 5s has 8MP of camera bust the pixel resolutions are beyond the limits.

This capturing capability allows you to not to spend another $300 bucks to buy a camera only.

The entertainment section is also very interesting feature in these phones; games like Temple Run, Subway surfers and Angry Bird are some famous ones which people like in every age group. Everyone wants to get entertain after a tiring day daily life. Isn’t it?

The security part is also very effective as the developers make sure that nobody should get into your phone and take your hard earned money away from you.

They provide highly encrypted 128-bit coding system in these phones makes sure of this. Though, for better and improved security the one have to pay a hefty price. But, that price would be nothing compared to the money you’ll lose in case of a cyber theft.

The only drawback I saw in these smartphones is their battery backup. Using these phones consistently for a day is not yet possible without charging it in between. The apps like Battery Doctor, Green Power and Easy Battery are some of the apps which can help you over this.

The manufacturers are too trying to solve this issue, but, a stable solution is still needed.


So guys, I think with these kinds of features and amazing capabilities of work performance is enough to increase the use of these smartphones consistently. What’d you say?


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