Top 11 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Mobile Phone

So you have decided to purchase a new mobile phone for yourself, but not sure on what to look for before spending out your hard earned money? We have listed some of the important points, such as mobile’s price, OS, screen size etc, which can help you decide which mobile phone you should go for.

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Step1:  check your desired platform that makes you feel comfortable


1: The operating system – ANDROID is the most reliable and user friendly platform that makes users feel comfortable with large number of application available online, being a product of Google this operating system has the world’s largest number of fans.


MICROSOFT’S WINDOWS mobile operating system is found on increasing amount of smartphones, including those from HTC, Nokia and Samsung and few other products too. This windows operating system has a unique interface that’s smooth and easy to use. It holds room for social networking and everything in its main screen, so there are fewer apps in its store.


BLACKBERRY AND IOS are quite similar, they hold the features that are unique and that are not found on other manufacturer’s product.


2: The screen size – Size of phone that you buy makes a huge difference in its usage. Smart mobiles with screen size between 3.5 to 4.5-inches are easy for a single hand,
3.5-4.5: easy use in a single hand; 4.5 and above: similar to tablets, and has very good visual quality.


3: Camera with LED flash – Smart phones cameras are provided in a various range and also at various qualities. Primary camera: ranging from 2MP to 8MP with HD imaging and video recording. Secondary camera: ranging from VGA to 5MP ultra zoom technology.


4: Powerful processor – The brain of a smartphone is its powerful processor. This recent days  users need mobile that could run number of apps at a same time, that require a high end processor, The powerful  smartphones have dual or even quad-core processors that speeds from 1GHz or more for superfast performance.


5: Sharp and perfect display – Display screens are either LCD or AMOLED-based, a real good screen is made to display the photos and videos are vivid, text is sharp and easy to read, and they bright enough to view even in bright day.


6: Friendly and cheap app store – This is a perfect place provided by the operating system manufacturer for its customers to get their desired apps, a good app store is always smooth, perfect, user friendly and CHEAP.


7: Powerful battery – Need to work for a long time? Opt for a high battery backup, because smart mobile phone uses a large power as they have huge screen and a powerful processor working behind them, during data access they send a huge background data that consume much power.


8: Fast internet access – The world moves with internet, as large people need data access at a very high speed, smart mobiles with latest technologies and the ability to grab signals at different frequencies gives a room for wide data access at huge speed.


Today the technology has moved from 2G to 3G and now towards 4G.
I.e. GSM, HSDPA, HSUPA and Wi-Fi play a vital role when the topics of smart phones are enrolled.


9: Sleek design – A sleek and curve design gives you a perfect appearance and a professional look, sleek phones always cost quite higher but never lack in performance and visual quality.


10: Side keys – This depends on each and every users option, number of side keys gives an easy handling in smart phone as a good multimedia interface, the other option also provides regardless to side keys.


11: Price – Last but not least, cost price of a mobile phone will be an ultimate factor which will help you decide which phone you should go for. With the kind of competition we in today’s market, it won’t be much harder for you to get hands on a phone of your choice in price you want, all you have to do is make sure you stay in your budget and if price of your favourite mobile phone is beyond your reach, you can always go for a used phone, which you can purchase at relatively less price.


We shall appreciate if you can come forward and pour some of your own tips in comments section and help the community.


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