Top Social Games of 2013

The year 2013 will be remembered as one of the most successful years for all sorts of technologies. From launching of new smartphones and tablets to launching of new apps last year was absolute milestone.

The smart phones users were increasing so as their uses of various apps and social networking. People also liked playing games on social networks with their friends, unknown or alone.

The gaming era just turned up with something like glue like power which made people sit on their couch for hours and take some of these fantastic games.

It not only increases the number of people joining these social networks but also make game developer think out of the box to attract the users and make their game successful at it.

There were many games launched under different genre but, only few succeed. The following were some top social games of 2013.

Top Social Games of 2013

Top social games

1. Candy Crush Saga

This game has been the utmost choice of the people from all age groups. Most of the Facebook lovers played this game for hours or some just become addictive to Facebook while playing this game.

With over 40 million users per month this apparently 2013 version of Tetris thrived over social networks.

2. Criminal Case

Most of the people like the movies of Sherlock Holmes or James Bond, similar to those they want to be a detective. Keeping this attraction of people in mind, the Paris Studio launched a game Criminal Case and as expected, it becomes a hit.

Users just loved to solve a crime scene; collecting different clues, joining the chains to solve a murder mystery finally. This game has lots of users last year to make it appear on this list.

3. Farmville 2

This game is a successor to the hit game Farmville. This new version serious updates which first of all gives it immense clarity. The theme and features are almost same like the last version of Farmville.

Still, the charm of farming lured the millions of game lovers to help this game get a position in the list of top social games of 2013.

4. Diamond Dash

Just like the Candy Crush Saga, this is also a different version of Tetris with some different rules.

Being common in basic concept doesn’t make any difference to users and they still loved this game and played it with so much addiction so that it appeared on the list of top social games of 2013.

5. Subway Surfers

The running legacy of very famous game Temple Run was carried over by this Subway Surfers. The graphics and simple user interface of this game have been making people stick to their sofa for hours.

The street like graphics and cool boy running was hit in 2013 on social network games list.

Along with all the above games, some more were there who managed to attract users become hits on social networks like Solider Inc., Texas Poker, Pet Rescue Saga, Angry Birds Friends, Contract Wars and more.


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