FotoJet Review: Free Online Web Based Photo Editor App

Whether you professionally capture images with your studio or merely shoot occasional selfies on your smartphone, you need to have software that can properly edit your images so that you can choose the best ones and then make them look even better. Nowadays, the cameras are becoming high-tech and so are the photo editing apps. Here we are reviewing a well-known web based online editor app “FotoJet” that is designer to suit every level of photographer.

FotoJet Review

User’s Account:

You have to make your own account for using this free online editor. The user accounts are registered for free, however, you can also subscribe to the site for the premium version that offers full access to all features and templates.

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FotoJet uses Flash, which means that you need to install the latest and most-up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player in order to use it. If you haven’t installed Adobe, then this free photo editor won’t work at all, but if you have, then you have to wait for two or three seconds for it to load.

About the FotoJet App:

This web-based online editor app offers three main features that are Create a Design, Make a Collage and Edit a Photo. For creating designs and making collages, there are preset templates available on the site that you can work on. However with Edit a Photo, you are required to upload the image from your gallery and then edit there. You have the facility to switch into any category at any time with no unsaved changes.

FotoJet has a smarter interface with very accessible arrays of menus and toolbars. The features and objects are arranged in a logical, systemic and a consistent way. There is nothing too intimidating with the interface of the software as its layout has been created while keeping both novices and professionals in mind.

Design Feature:

With this feature, you can make social media header and banners easily. Design feature has been added to the editor for people personally or professionally interested in the social media accounts. Now that you have this free online editor, you can professionally design photos without being an expert graphic designer. The editor includes numerous templates that offer standard sizes used on the social media websites so all you have to do is to add images and the personalized text. You can have the backgrounds and clip-arts if you want them in your product. They may not be included in the template, but you can add them anyway if you choose to.

Edit Photo Feature:

FotoJet comes with numerous editing features such as crop, resize, rotate, sharpen and much more. Some of the features are advanced as they are premium while you can use the rest of them for free. Moreover, you can write, add frames and even add overlay your image with the cool backgrounds.

Enthusiasts are keen on doing more than just organizing or rendering their photos. FotoJet is best for people who want to do fun stuff. There are special effects that let you enjoy unique features and objects by a simple step by step process.

Collage Maker Feature:

FotoJet is also considered as the best online collage maker for the numerous purposes. With this feature, you can make family cards, such as baby announcements, birthday invitations, shower invitations and more. Moreover, you get to make flyers, posters, e-cards and of course, varying kinds of collages. It is not like the typical collage makers offering multiple boxes with different sizes, instead, it provides innovative ideas for organizing your pictures and enables you to completely personalize them according to your choices. There are numerous collage templates in the software and while you are trying them all to choose your favorite one, you can have the option of keeping the photos with the changing templates.

Save & Share:

After you’ve finished your work on the image, choose its format (JPEG, PNG or PDF) and select the resolution (high or low), then save it on your computer. Moreover, you can also share the new image on the web and your social media accounts. You also have the option to print your edited images right from this online image editor.

Premium Version:

FotoJet has the feature “Upgrade Now”, which is the premium version of the software. After purchasing this, you can get complete access to all the features that are specified for the subscribers. These additional and advanced features can help in organizing the pictures more efficiently and effectively. However, if you don’t want to invest, it’s no problem. You can always use the free features of the software from your computer.

Tips & Ideas:

If this wasn’t good enough for a photo editor and collage maker, FotoJet also offers blog posts containing ideas and tips explaining how can you improve your editing and make your photos appear even better. Helpful methods are provided by the site to users, especially for people indulged in advertisement tasks, such as making banners or flyers etc.

Some Nitpicks:

One qualm about FotoJet is that it doesn’t offer an online storage gallery where the edited, designed or collage photos can be saved. This is why if someone wants to re-edit the design or replicate, they only have to start from scratch.

Another flaw is that FotoJet still hasn’t been rolled out on the smartphones yet. If it happens to be, the people who mostly use their smartphones would easily edit their photos than spending time sitting and trying to gain access to the computer.

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The Bottom Line:

As the matter of fact that the art of making visually attractive images, infographics, social media images or blog posts images have gained such non-negotiable status, there has to be software that can provide all features in one, FotoJet is the one that works as your best productivity booster in terms of advertisement and marketing. Therefore, whether you are working on a school project, looking for a collage maker to add your photos, are a fervent blogger or a desperate husband trying to find a way to make a custom card for your wife, FotoJet is the one web based online editor app that you don’t want to miss.

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