Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps For Your Device 2017

We have filtered   top   10   must   have   free   Android   apps. In the below content we will provide you the basic information related to any particular app along with the app download link.

10 Must Have Free Android Apps

Android becomes the most popular operating system nowadays. The Android market contains hundreds of thousands of apps for the users. These apps are increasing day by day providing more variety to Android users. If you are new to the Android operating system then you might find it difficult to search and get the best apps for your Android device. Apps are divided into different categories. There are a lot of categories like, games, free apps, paid apps, trending apps, education apps, etc. Each category at Play Store contains wide number of apps. Let’s check out these free must-have Android apps.

Top 10 Best Must-Have Free Android Apps 2017

AVG Antivirus

Security is the major concern for any user and for any device. You must have to secure your Android device before downloading and installing any further apps or files. AVG antivirus is the free antivirus android App which will protect your device from malwares, viruses and threats. Along with this, AVG antivirus is offering additional feature too that includes the Find Me feature which is very helpful if you lost the device. For this, enable the Find or Location option from the app. It will connect you the Google maps and whenever you want to check the location of the device it will give you the access. Other features includes the Ram cleaning and killing processes in order to free the maximum space to let your operating system runs efficiently.

Go Backup

After securing your devices, now you must have some backup app which should be able to back up your data efficiently. This step should be taken in order to throw out the worries of losing the data. If your device is lost, or you have changed it you can easily backup all your data from one device to another using some app. So, Go Backup is one of the 10 must have android apps for your android device. This android app will back up all your contacts, call logs, messages, and the installed apps data. Moreover, Go backup offers you to restore all the backup at once or choose what to restore and what not to.


Facebook is the Official App which allows the user to communicate with the friends and family on Facebook via smartphones. It enables the users to enjoy the real time chatting mode. Moreover, you can perform any function related to the Facebook that you can do from your laptops while using the Facebook in the browser.


No need to move along with your heavy laptops in order to use some of the major communication sites. Use the Android App with a small and portable android devices. Twitter App will let you to follow or to update the status with much more ease than the twitter web is offering. App’s features included tweets, retweets, follow and unfollow options, direct messages and link sharing. Download link is mentioned above, download is and try to experience the twitter in a better way.


WhatsApp is the popular chatting and must-have Android app which will let you to communicate with your friends and family over the internet using this free android app. WhatsApp allow you to do voice calls and video calls. You can share the images and videos in the chat instantaneously. Moreover, the best feature of the WhatsApp is the facility of voice messages. If you are busy and cannot type the lengthy message just enjoy the voice messages facility. Download the app, register your number and use it for experiencing better way of communication.

Opera Mini

Browsers are in everyday needs of the users. So, opera mini is the one of the best browser app among the browsers category in google play store for android devices. Easy to use and uses less space makes it popular in the android apps. Opera Mini App functions similarly to the opera browser that we mostly use in our laptops. It’s a fast browsing app that enhances the experience of the users to enjoy the internet surfing. You can download it by using the link given above or you can visit the google play store from your device and search for Opera Mini and you will get this android app.

UC Browser

UC browser, a fast, light and efficient android app which is much more popular and have existing users than any other browsing android app. UC browser is free of cost and available for cell phones, tabs and PCs. UC browser is a chromium based browsing app that actually comes with the complete package of benefits of Chrome and have its own additional features for the users. UC browser has the ability of fast downloading to facilitate the users browsing and downloading experience. Download it and enjoy it like the 400 million users are enjoy the services of UC browser.

Google Chrome

You may have the experience of using the Google Chrome in your PCs, now enjoy some additional features of Google Chrome android App in your android devices. Google Chrome is free, fast and efficient browser. Android App download link is available for downloading or you can search it on google play store with its name “Google Chrome” and you will find it there too easily. Its helps you to sign in with your google ID to get all the setting of your chrome browser that you have done in your PC.

ROM toolbox

ROM Toolbox is one of the must have android apps for rooted users. If your cell phone is rooted then you can use the Rom Toolbox app for more personalization. It also allows the users to install customs ROMs. Additional features of this android app includes the ease of access to do the portioning of your device, application manager for managing the apps more efficiently and quickly, system file browsing with the help of root browser available in ROM Toolbox.

Olive Office Premium

If you are an office person or a student then you have more concern with the documents than any other user. So, Android Applications are available to provide support for the documents. There are multiple apps free and paid for this purpose. However, we have come up with the one that is Olive Office Premium android app which is mush have android app for your device.

This app will let you do the work related to the documents. Using this android app you can view the online and offline documents. Moreover, it allows its users to edit the documents. This app works like an office suit that you use in the PC which allows you to do a lot of things related to the documents. In addition, this android app will let you prepare your presentation PPT files. Moreover, you can download any PPT file and can edit that PPT. Download books and read them using this android app in your free time to make it much more productive instead of wasting the time.

So, this Office app should be your best ever app among the google play store millions of apps. Right above this paragraph a download link is available. Click on that and download the app or you can follow the alternative way which is go to google play store in your device and search for the Android App with the name “Olive Office Premium” and you will get the app. Remember this app is totally free of cost for the android users. Download it and enjoy working with your documents.


There are a lot more apps in the google store. No one can list out the perfects apps indeed. However, we have still got some of the best apps for you. You are free to install and use any free android app from the Android google store. There are premium apps too which are more beneficial than the free ones and that depends upon your wallet how much you can afford to buy any app. So above are the 10 must have Free Android apps for your android device to get start with.

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