Top 10 Best Free YouTube Downloader Apps for Android Mobiles 2017

In this post we have listed top ten free YouTube downloader for Android mobiles to choose the one you think is the best and download videos on your device to enjoy later with or without an internet connection.

Free YouTube Downloader for Android Mobiles is a globally popular website from where you can watch millions of videos. But the problem is that the site requires you to have an internet connection whenever you want to watch the videos. So you may need to download any type of videos that you can watch later when you have time. In Google Play Store, you can search for Free YouTube downloader apps for Android to stream and download online YouTube videos. However, it is difficult to find the fitting software that is best suitable for you. We did the research and compiled the 10 free apps for Android mobile to download YouTube videos. Let’s check out them!

Free YouTube Downloader Apps For Android Mobiles

1. iTube Studio – Android YouTube Downloader

iTube Studio is a highly recommended YouTube downloader app for Android with maximum positive ratings. Its downloading speed is super fast and not only does it download the videos, but also provides the conversion feature that allows the user to convert the videos to other video or audio formats.

You only have to click once to downloading videos primarily from YouTube, and also from Vimeo, Facebook, Vevo, and other various sites. Directly transfer the videos from your Android device to others and also to iPhone and iPad. You can also batch the download videos and then manage your downloads with the help of a scheduler. The videos will be directly played from the built-in media player of your Android device.

2. Tubex

This YouTube downloader app offers several features to watch and download your favorite videos. These videos can be conveniently downloaded in a fast speed from this app even when your network connection is running low.
Tubex lets you download multiple files at the time of the device and also on your YouTube account. Choose the format in which you want to download any video and can choose whatever format among MP3, MP4, FLV, 720P etc.

Not only do you have the option to choose the format when you’re downloading, but you can also change the format after the videos are stored in your device. The app offers pause and resume options as well.

3. Snap Tube

Along with quickly downloading the videos, this YouTube Downloader app possesses the ability to categorize the videos on the basis of “most watched” and then suggests the videos of your interest or also popular ones etc. You can easily search any particular video you want to watch among these categories by typing video name.

In order to launch the app, all you have to do is download it and search any particular video on the search bar. The app will promptly start downloading the files after you click download on the videos.

4. KeepVid Android

This is a fast YouTube Downloader app that helps you download videos from YouTube and also from other platforms for free. Though the videos are downloaded with quick speed, they are HD with your chosen formats.

You can download the videos directly in the programs only by 1 click. Also the batch downloading option at one time is provided. The Android apps that provide the downloading option for YouTube plus other sites are always the better and most preferred ones.

5. TubeMate – YouTube Downloader app for Android:

This is a complete app to download and manage the videos from YouTube. With this app, you can benefit from two different ways. The first one is typically like the other free YouTube Downloader apps for Android as you have to search and download the video within the app. The other method, however, is the easier one. You can use your default YouTube app and then select your favorite video and share it on the TubeMate YouTube Downloader. After that, choose the format in which you want to download any video.

Also, if you launch the app for the first time, it may ask you to download the plugin which isn’t harmful. This way you can access your recent downloads from the Dashboard section of the app. Open them into the integrated media player.

6. Videoder

This app comes with unique features for the convenience of the user, it has user-friendly interface and is pretty fast. With Videoder, you don’t need another video to audio converter as this one can download the videos as audios if you choose to.

The most prominent feature of this app is that it doesn’t come with ads. This way you don’t have to be disturbed by the 1 sec ads between the videos. Download the videos in different formats and resolutions. You can download multiple videos, which can be really long, such as movies, at a time. This app is fast so you can easily download the videos no matter if you have Wi-Fi, 3F or 4G networks. You can easily stream the videos into the browser of this app.

7. Vidmate

This YouTube Downloader App for Android includes all the features that other such apps provide and also offers additional options. If you come up with a video that you don’t want to download right then, you have the feature of “save for later”. This way you can save your file as it becomes available to launch later. Moreover, there is another feature that is called content locker. As name shows, it is for providing security for the files you want to keep confidential.

You have the symbol of download option on the upper right corner of the device where you can check the progress of the download and also manage your already downloaded files.

8. YTD – Video Downloader for the Android

This app lets you download as many apps as you possibly can at the same time. This feature is advanced from others as they all stop downloading after reaching to a certain amount of downloads. YTD lets you download multiple files at once.

After downloading, launch the app and click on the download tab. After that, you need to go to your browser, open YouTube and find the video you want to download. Select it, highlight the URL on the top and right click on it. Next, you select the ‘copy’ option and return to the YTD video downloader. Paste the URL into the search bar of the app. The chosen video will automatically start downloading after you click on the download app.

9. Easy Tube

This is one among the oldest free YouTube downloader apps for Android and therefore, it is the most updated one and free of any inconvenience that you may have from downloading the new ones. It offers an advanced search box from where you can search the YouTube videos, like movies or other entertainment.

The interface is quite simple and offers you to download any video in various formats. This way you can select the best format of your choice that your device can easily play. Download unlimited music from Easy Tube and have fun enjoying the audio and music whether you are online or not.

10. Wontube

This is another one of the most popular apps to download videos from YouTube, The interface is user-friendly with easy navigations features. A unique option that this YouTube Downloader app for Android offers is the built-in notification feature for your downloaded videos. Another noticeable feature is that it lets you watch the online videos without buffering. It is the best suitable for people who use 3G, 4G and edge internet connection.

This app offers an interesting interface and can work really well without Wi-Fi. Therefore, you can use it even with the low internet speed as there is no buffering or other disturbances in the videos even with them being so long.

There is also solution for macOS – best YouTube downloader Airy 

Youtube Downloader Airy

With Airy you can download YouTube without losing the quality of your videos – it supports HD and full HD resolution.

It also will download complete YouTube playlists and channels. Airy can integrate with your favorite web browser for faster fetching process and can handle multiple YouTube links at a time.


Google doesn’t really provide any option to download the YouTube videos, but there is a number Free YouTube Apps for Android that you can download if you want to store videos in your devices. There may be some apps that are not available on the Play Store due to certain conditions, but the ones we’ve mentioned above are easily accessible and are quickly downloaded in your operating system.

The fact that these apps are added in Play Store and can be easily found is a proof that they are the trusted ones. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any virus or other malicious consequence. These apps do not only provide the feature of downloading, but also give you the option to download in your preferable resolution and format. This way you can save your memory data from unnecessary apps that individually provide these features.

All of these apps are completely functional and efficient, so all you have to do is to choose any one from the list and then install it on your device. Grab your favorite one and start downloading videos from YouTube now.

I hope you have enjoyed the list of Free YouTube Downloader for Android Mobiles. Please spread the word and share it with your friends on social sites. Feel free to leave your comment below to share your favorite app or if you’ve any question.

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