Online Time Tracking – Work Smarter Not Harder

It takes a great deal of inspiration and self-control for a freelancer to stay committed, regardless of the type of their jobs. Although you hold the facility for controlling your own time and schedule, there are just too many interruptions and without an appropriate time controlling, you are tending to be in trouble. When you are engaged for yourself it is indispensable to set a timetable and adhere to it religiously.

Online Time Tracking - Work Smarter Not Harder

This is where you need to track your time. The concept of time tracking is however quite cumbersome for many, which is natural as it certainly takes some time to modify old practices and habits. But definitely there is no way you can invalidate the significance of time tracking in project management. Can you and your company bear not to realize where the valuable resource of your time goes and to what degree it disturbs your work?

As a matter of fact there are countless advantages of online time tracking. It is not just an intelligent approach to make estimates and bills but also assists you envisioning your performance and enhancing your business by ingeniously evaluating how you handle your time. In fact once you become adapted to a time tracking app, you will become more cognizant and persuaded to revamp your project management ability.

Reasons – Why Online Tracking Improves Your Project Management Proficiency:

The good news is you can find countless online time tracking apps these days that can help you run your business more effectively and smoothly than ever before. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that will surely convince you opt for this smarter approach of doing business.


Upgrades Your Workflow:

As being a freelancer you require to deal with numerous clients at once. This usually needs to streamline the procedure so that you don’t allocate too much of your time over a project and also design them remarkably to make two times your present earning. For instance, after you begin tracking your time you abruptly observe that you are taking longer than usual to research a 500 words count article. Such awareness will help you mark your areas of enhancement and you can begin unearthing better ways to cut down the process.

stop delaying

Stop Delaying:

Using your social media accounts in between work can provide a temporary comfort but only to make you feel bad afterwards, particularly when spurt a possibility of missing a due date. Online time tracking apps helps you not only avert procrastination but also help you make smarter choices.

Avert Multitasking:

As per a recent report, multitasking triggers 40% drop down in output. Tracking your time is a tremendous way to dodge and completely wipe out the practice of multitasking. The sole purpose of time tracking is to notice how much of your time you are investing on a specific task and as you concentrate completely on that, you are less inclined to check your Facebook notifications and your emails.

Avoid Underquoting:

Underquoting is another problem faced by majority of freelancers. It is usually tough to precisely judge the duration it would take complete the task. Utilizing a time tracking app helps you add every distinct phase of a project in the proposal and you can thus make excelling estimates.

Bill Meticulously:

It’s not only you and your organization who gain the advantages of taking an online time tracking tool, as your clients are also an integral element of the equation. Through time tracking app, you can provide your clients bills with exact figures as you are able to count the accurate number of hours worked. Being lawful and honest with your clients speaks volume over your expertise and will definitely put a positive impact on your future dealings.

Choosing a Best Online Time Tracking App For Your Business:

If you are trying to select an online time tracking app to help you stay concentrated, systemized and on track, you’ve presumably observed a myriad of choices out there. A latest option emerges every day, and more or less they all appear to do the same work.

But the matter of fact is not all time tracking tools are formed alike. Some are designed with private teams in mind, while others target individual freelancers. Some are even absolute menacing and appear to bid little to almost no privacy features for the users.

Ahead of investing your hard-earned money over an online time tracking app, make sure to keep these five basic rules in mind.

  • Look for the product that best fits your own particular set of requirements. One of the ways of doing this is to form a list of all the prerequisites you want to see in your purchase.
  • Research well – Instead of trusting other’s recommendations and suggestions, try to do your own research to reach at the most productive conclusion.
  • Prefer apps that can get easily integrated while you are working over other apps.
  • Pick a product that includes multiple features and can help you in the long run.
  • To get a clear idea of your work, prefer apps that can generate clear, sophisticated reports.

Time is amongst those commodities that we usually take for granted. Whether you are working as an individual freelancer or with a team on any specific project, keeping track of your time is crucial for increased productivity and improvement.


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