6 New Social Media Tools that Are Helping Marketers Everywhere

Developers are working hard to create new, responsive social media features for all audiences. One audience that has gotten a lot of attention in the last several months is the marketing crowd, who are always looking for new ways to reach clients and study the impact that their marketing content is making. For marketers looking to add an extra punch, here are several of the latest tools to create new, unique experiences for customers – and make their jobs that much easier:

Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Twitter Cards: Twitter Cards are a Twitter tool designed to help serious marketing departments make a maximum impact on their Twitter profiles. There are many different cards, each allowing a business to add a certain feature to their Twitter system, particularly media experiences. Some cards allow you to add video, while others let companies show off photos or entire photo galleries. Others are aimed at representing products or describing profiles in greater detail. For a cost, all can help businesses make a bigger splash.


2. PinReach: PinReach is a Pinterest tool to help companies analyze their findings based on how well their Pinterest profiles are doing. Businesses can create Pinterest accounts to show off their products, create new ideas for their services, or show off some other inventive ideas. Then PinReach helps these companies by offering a score that shows how influential the Pinterest account is and how well it is performing. The platform is also branching out into more features and details.


3. Vine: Vine is a Twitter-owned app that allows people to easily capture short videos and send them on to anyone they want. Like Twitter, Vine is designed for especially short types of content, no more than 6 seconds long. However, companies can snap videos with Vine and then embed them on their websites or share them with fans at will. This helps marketers make “moving pictures” and help show off detailed information.


4. Pipe: Pipe is a Facebook file-sharing app, the only one of its kind. This new software lets Facebook users automatically exchange files with each other. When both are logged onto to Facebook, users can send up to 1GB of files – anything from videos and photos to documents. If only one person is logged on, then people can send up to 100MB that waits for delivery until the other person is on Facebook. Businesses can use Pipe to encourage the sharing of many types of data-dense media.


5. Storify: Storify is a content creator designed to work around social media. Users log in and piece together stories by drawing in Tweets, videos, and posts, which can be interspersed with original insights and commentary. The result is an updated look at a topic through many different perspectives, but joined together with a common goal. Businesses can use Storify for just news stories, or for more brand-focused content.


6. Post Planner: For companies that have to run rigorous social media campaigns using Facebook, Post Planner is a Facebook app that lets companies plan their posts ahead of time. It essentially works as a big schedule, allowing you to put together posts with any content – including links and video – and then setting them to post at a specific time. It is easy to use and a time saver.


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