5 Fast Tips to Get More Facebook Fans

The use of Facebook to market a business has become one of the important strategies for online commerce. However, in order to become successful, business owners need to make sure that they have reached out to as many people as possible. This is done by attracting a lot of fans. To do this, online business owners should consider the following 5 Fast Tips to Get More Facebook Fans:

Post eye-catching content

Most people will become a fan of a Facebook page because of the content provided. Business owners should ensure that they provide content that is not only eye catching but also interesting. Before a visitor likes a page, they need to determine what they will gain from the page and what is unique about it.

Another strategy to consider is using the ‘like gate’, a feature that will require the visitor to like the page before they can access the content. However, this feature should be used sparingly because the visitors will feel coerced into liking something they don’t.

Mobile Presence

The number of people using mobile devices to access Facebook is on the increase. Failure to optimize the Facebook page on mobile will cost any business potential clients in this demography. To attract this group, business owners should consider posts that are not only engaging but also those that encourage connection such as yes/no questions, polls and images.


While posting relevant and interesting posts might work, not all people will see the content on their news feed. Online business owners need to know that they may not meet their potential audience. For this reason, they need to start advertising their pages in order to reach out to the right target audience.  This effectively allows you to buy Facebook fans.

It is important for them to ensure that the adverts are well made, with the target audience in mind. The best thing is that they can use the ads already present on Facebook, including the like ads and the sponsored ads.

Update pages frequently

To encourage more people to like their Facebook pages, it is important for the business owners to frequently post relevant content. This will not only signify that the business is active but also is keen to connect with their fans. Apart from that, it will also encourage the fans to share these posts with friends, who will also share it with their friends, and consequently, the numbers of fans keep increasing as it will reach out to more and more people.

Install ‘Like’ Plug-in on Web

Another way of increasing Facebook fans is to place the Facebook plug-ins on the business website and blogs. The business owners can also invite the visitors of the blogs and website to join their Facebook community.
By making use of these 5 Fast Tips to Get More Facebook Fans, business owners will start seeing an upward surge of likes. To get more information on the sources of the likes, business owners can use the Facebook Insights. With this information, they will be able to know what is working for them, where the need to improve, and what other sources they can take advantage of to maximise their fans.


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