Easy Ways To Get Free Traffic From Twitter

Get Free Traffic From TwitterWith the advent of social networking sites, the world has shriveled and people are remaining more connected. But social network does far more than that. It acts as an effective marketing tool, and many organizations are using social media effectively for a massive reach. However, it is important for any organization to get more traffic for their social media page. It     may    take     some   time    to get     Facebook    or
Twitter   traffic, but with effective tricks and rules, you can easily get free traffic from   Twitter.


 How To Get Free Traffic From Twitter?

When I signed up on twitter I was not very active, after some time I realized that I should be active in order to increase followers and traffic to my blog. It’s not really hard to increase your blog traffic from twitter, you need to follow some tricks and tips to get more followers  and then drive more traffic from twitter.


Tweet about the new blog post

It really works if you tweet about any of your recent post of your blog. This may help increase your blog’s visitors as well. There are people who are following you and may read your blog and thus, would like to read it via Twitter.


Tweet about something interesting and knowledgeable

Any tweet, if is interesting yet knowledgeable, will attract maximum twitter traffic. We are currently living in a world that equips us with plenty of information and knowledge, so anything general doesn’t attract the eyes of the viewers or readers. Any new information or any interesting piece, presented as a tweet, is likely to get more information than anything else.


Interesting titles attract more twitter traffic

If you give interesting twitter titles, you will get more twitter traffic, it is the general rule of the game. The title plays as important role for the tweet, as a nice dress to any woman. So, interesting title that tells the readers about any solution, or simply is amusing enough to be read attracts most of the twitter traffic. People often look for solutions to their problems, so if the title tells them about the solution, it will attract people.


Google Analytics tool to track best time to tweet

In order to get more twitter traffic, you can use Google Analytics Tool to knowing your audeince for better connection and find out which are the best days and time to tweet. You can check in the tool to get the best time to tweet, and you must follow it quite often to get the best results. However, it is a general analysis and it is your responsibility to check which time is most suitable for you and what really works for getting most of the twitter traffic for you. There are lot of Twitter Tools you can use to monitor the best time for tweet, Best time is very important for your tweets to get maximum exposure.


URL Shortening

If your URL is too big, it may look ugly and repel the visitors of the site. However, you can use tinyurl.com, bit.ly  like tools to shorten the URLs and can look clutter-free and clean. Though twitter gives 140 characters to put your tweet, but it is wise to keep the URL short and use the rest of the space for an attractive title.


Authentic Tweets

Authentic tweets often easily earn the trust of the users and attract viewers, and thus, attract more twitter traffic. Fake yet interesting tweets do attract viewers and increase traffic, but the effect remains temporary.


Use Hash Tags

The symbol # called a hash tag, hash tag used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Hash Tags was created  by Twitter users for best  way to categorize messages. When you Tweet with a hash tag on your public account, anyone who does a search for that hash tag may find your Tweet but don’t overuse hash tags it can look spammy. Don’t use more than two hash tags in per tweet.


Follow Others

Get more and more targeted followers who are in the same niche. If you have blog about SEO and Social media, then you can follow who are in social media and SEO niche. This way you can get  targeted followers and traffic from twitter.


Tweet For Others

You’re tweeting your blog posts or products that’s fine but it’s very important to Tweet other’s blog posts or retweet them on Twitter. If you actively Retweet others tweets, then  I’m sure you’ll get noticed and they will do this same for your tweets. Once they tweet your blog posts or RT say thanks to them. This way you can build trust and strong relationship.


Use Twitter Buttons

Add twitter buttons, like twitter follow button in sidebar and tweet buttons in your blog posts. You can use Digg-Digg Social share plugin for this job and make it easy for your blog readers to share you content on social media sites.

Tweeting is an interesting way to attract more traffic and getting more followers, so use it effectively and get more traffic without any hassle.


Over To you:

I’ve shared some tips about Twitter Traffic. Now my question: Are you active on Twitter? Do you have more tips to get traffic from twitter? I’d love to hear from you, please share your thoughts in comment box below.


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