5 Pro Tips to Grow Your Instagram Fast

Instagram with monthly 700 million active users is surely a place you never want to miss, especially when you want to grow your business. Instagram is all about followers. If you succeed in reaching your targeted audience, you’ll enjoy watching your business grow in no time. But for that, you need to grow your Instagram first. Many people ask that how they can grow their Instagram. So, people who have the same confusion and want to grow their Instagram fast, I am going to share some tips that will help them in the long run.

5 Pro Tips to Grow Your Instagram Fast

Linking to other profiles

It is the main thing when you start thinking about growing your Instagram. Apparently, before Instagram, you had struggled in building up your business presence on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. so, why to waste that effort and all the efforts.

One way to grow your Instagram is to link your Instagram profile to your other social media profiles, where you have been present for a long time, and people know about you or your business. You can direct those people to your Instagram and watch it grow. Tell your people or your customers about your presence on Instagram by posting a screenshot of your Instagram profile or of a post you’ve recently shared, on other social media platforms. And add a call-to-action by asking them to follow you on Instagram for the latest news.

Hashtags: The Game changer

Hashtags are your best friends on Instagram. They are the solution to almost everything on Instagram. All you need to do is to make good and efficient you of these Hashtags. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 Hashtags per post. Below are some tips regarding Hashtags that you can follow to make the best use of these to grow your Instagram fast

Always use right and relevant Hashtags in your posts. Hashtags that are relevant to your niche so you can reach your targeted audience and gain followers on Instagram fast. For instance, your Instagram profile is about cats; you can add Hashtags like, #catlove, #cats #fluffycats, #cutekittens, etc. so whenever anybody searches for some fluffy cats or about cats your posts will result in their search results.

Search for trending Hashtags of your niche and add them to your posts.

Make your branded Hashtag, which means Hashtag that is unique and is associated with your brand. Add this hashtag to everything you post; this helps your brand easily recognizable. Encourage your followers to use your branded hashtag to create user-generated content (keep reading to know about user-generated content).

Keep an eye on Hashtag that influencers of your industry are using. It helps you gain followers on Instagram fast which ultimately grow your Instagram.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is something that is generated by your fans and followers. This content proves to be the visual testimonial for your business/brand. It is another way of growing your Instagram fast and reaching your targeted audience. By reposting the user-generated content of your fans and followers, you are encouraging them plus you are attracting other fans and followers to share their pictures/videos featuring your brand in hopes to get featured in your profile. As people love such type of appreciation, this will help your brand to reach a much larger audience.

Build Up A Theme

Sounds interesting? Well, it is interesting. Instagram is all about visual content, so make your content attractive and unique in its way. When people come to your profile, they don’t see your most recent post instead they first see your profile as a grid of posts. Make a theme for that grid to make your profile more attractive. For Instance, select a color theme that is consistent in your photos/videos, crop all photos the same way, use the same filters in all your photos, this will help make your profile more recognizable and attractive to your potential followers.

Engage your followers

On Instagram, according to its new algorithm, the more engagement you can have with your followers, more are the chances you will be seen in your targeted audience’s news feed. So you need to engage with your followers to grow your Instagram. You can achieve higher engagement through

  • Interacting with your followers by replying to their comments and follow them back
  • Run contests by asking your followers to tag their friends to win a contest. People love free giveaways
  • Add Instagram stories as it is the latest way of engaging your users

So, these were some tips that will help you grow your Instagram fast. Make use of these tips and watch your Instagram grow.

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