8 Tips: Get Traffic From Pinterest

Drive traffic from pinterest Pinterest is a relatively new social network website that allows you to post inspiring pictures and share them with other people. Let’s start with what Pinterest is. Its members, also known as “pinners,” can share organized images online. Once they are shared pictures from computer or website/blog on Pinterest, the images become known as “pins.” Each pin can then be placed on boards labeled by certain topics, like a virtual board of ideas.

Sounds good shared pictures from blog ? Yeah we can share pictures from any blog, so what are you waiting for ? Lets start pinning pictures from your blog. Once the blog pictures shared on Pinterest you can get traffic.

Follow These 8 Tips To Get Traffic From Pintreset ?

1.  Add your blog URL in your Pinterest profile.
2. Create “Board” with your keywords because boards have heading 3 <h3> tags.
3. Describe your pin with attracting sweet and simple sentence.
4. Make it easy for people to find you on Pinterest.
5. Add Pinterest Pin button to your blog posts.
6. Add attracting high quality  pictures to your blog and pin them on Pinterest.
7. Follow, comment and re-pin other members pictures on Pinterest.
8. Be regular on Pinterest so users can follow you.


I hope above tips will helps you to get traffic from Pinterest.

What you say about this method to get traffic from Pinterest. ? Please leave your comments below.


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