Will the Changes in HTML5 Have Any Influence in SEO

SEO and HTML 5 The internet is evolving at such a rapid pace that new technologies seem to spring up every few hours: new or improved versions of web browsers, search engines, communication methods, search engine algorithms and more. The latest to join the revolution is HTML 5, the language of the internet. Whether HTML 5 will benefit or hinder Search Engine Optimization has been up for debate for a while now. Some analysts are claiming that SEO scope will be reduced but there are experts who do not agree. Of course, that has to be!

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is what enables you to construct and present your web pages. It is in fact, the main aspect in SEO efforts. Search engines receive the required context to understand what a web page contains thanks to HTML. It was first formulated in 1990 and HTML 4 was released in 1994. This was very successful and enjoyed a long innings in the web world. After a long gap, a newer version is here, the HTML 5. So what’s the final verdict? Let’s see what HTML 5 is all about.

  • Animations can be embedded in HTML 5 without using Flash, so these will be crawlable by search engines.
  • HTML 5 has tags like header, Footer, Nav, Article and Section, and could greatly help in directing traffic to a desired website.
  • Thanks to the Article and Section tags, you can mark the main content of your web page. Good and relevant content in your article will most certainly gain it a high ranking on the search engine.
  • The header and Footer tags are easily identifiable by search engines.
  • Your links collection become easily visible to search engines thru the ‘Nav’ tag, and the search engine spiders can navigate your site smoothly.
  • In short these tags may actually be a shot in the arm for the indexing of web pages.
  • Being suitable for mobile devices as well, means that web content designed for use across different platforms, will definitely use HTML 5. So anyone interested in capturing mobile and home PC audiences would score big with the latest version.
  • The HTML 5 language is not very difficult from XML. So you can be sure it’s pretty SEO friendly.
  • Thanks to its tags and semantic elements, it is a flexible tool in the hands of web designers and developers and it will enable optimization of apps and websites.

So to put it in simple terms, HTML 5 looks all set to be the latest pet language for web developers across the world, and search engine algorithms are likely to give more importance to its SEO-friendly characteristics.

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