5 Technology Trends in Education

Education is really important. The more educated you are, the better job you can get. Since the begging of our education, we try to give our best in order to be an excellent student and learn the things that we really enjoy. With the development of new technology, teachers and educators tried to use some media devices in order to make the learning process more enjoyable for the students. They try to take advantage of technology and present the new material to the students through using some unique and more interesting ways in order to keep children’s attention.

It is more interesting and fun for students when teachers use a computer, a tablet, a DVD, a CD player or some other media device. Sometimes, it is difficult for a teacher to explain some processes that happen in nature, or for a language teacher to teach pronunciation or for a history teacher to present some battles and archeological sites. So, the usage of technology and media devices is the perfect way to present all of these things. The students themselves use these devices at home so they are really careful during the lesson and try to memorize and understand most of the things the teacher explains during the lesson.

This practice has been followed by a lot of teachers and educators in the teaching process because it provides the result the teacher wants and at the same time it is fun and interesting for the students. The technology is undergoing a boom, so a lot of new devices have been produced for educational purposes. Some of the new technology devices meant for teaching and learning and even used at home by students for private tuition. The following 5 technology trends that are used in education can help both the students and the teacher to improve learning and memorize more things in their long – term memory.

5 Technology Trends in Education

1 – Virtual reality devices – Virtual reality devices were introduced in the 90s, but now they are more sophisticated in order to serve teachers and students for better learning. By using these virtual reality devices, the teachers can bring the reality of the things they talk about in class right in front of the students. With these devices students can visit some historical places and monuments; they can visit some mountains, seas and deserts or see some processes that happen in nature in three or more dimensions.

2 – Access to computer and tablet – Every child has a tablet or a computer just for itself, many teachers ask students to use a tablet and laptop computers in class for watching videos, finding solutions for some problems or doing an online research. Some students use more mobile devices than textbooks or notebooks.

3 – Internet connectivity – Thanks to the mobile devices and Internet connection students are able to explore the matters that interest them, to find some new information and to conduct an online research regarding some issues. Also, there are a lot of online tests and quizzes, so students can test themselves and see what areas need to be improved. Most of the students use the Internet when they make a project or a presentation. Also, when they want to upgrade their knowledge, they use the Internet to research for more information.

4 – Video in the classroom – Students enjoy watching films and videos. Because of this teacher try to present the new material through animation and video. Using a video in the classroom makes students more productive and more engaged. It is better for both students and teachers. T teacher can easily explain the new material and the students can better understand what it is about.

5 – Using different mobile devices and tools according to the students’ need – Every student has its own way of learning and in order to reach his / her learning goal the student has to have an option to choose the right device for him. Teachers should leave them an option.

The traditional learning methods are disappearing because the technology provides some new devices that are used in the classroom. The main goal of using technology devices in the classroom is for the students to learn better, to have more interesting lessons and to memorize so things better and have them in their long – term memory. Teachers and educators must use some of the technology devices for educational purpose because students can learn better and also students find the lessons more interesting if the teacher uses other modern methods for teaching. Students also use some of the devices at home to help them do their homework or prepare for an exam.


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