Four Ways To Get Your Facebook Business Page Noticed In The Newsfeed

Marketing a fan page on Facebook is getting increasingly competitive. If you want your page to shine among the junk in the Newsfeed, you have to fight! How? We compiled four key strategies to make your Facebook fan page engaging, lively, cool, and thus more popular than your competitors.

Facebook Business Page

PS: In case you are wondering, none of the following are empty claims. We’ve backed each one of them with solid analytics so rest assured; they are going to work.

Read on.

#1: Photos, videos and links are the key.

According to Facebook analytics, photos trigger 39% more audience reaction than posts, videos or links. Moreover, the probability of getting comments on photos are 93% more than posts. If you have a bunch of photos, compiling them in an album is your best bet. Albums get viewed 180% more than photos.

All this math translates to one simple advice – photos work! They get you more likes, appeal to your potential customers, and make them come back for more.

#2: Keep them short.

Okay, so Facebook has no character limit. You can type anything you want; a sentence, a paragraph, a page worth of info and post it on your Facebook fan page. Cool?

Absolutely not! Analytics tell you that posts below 250 characters gets 60% more interaction than the longer write-ups. Besides, if you happen to condense your message to 80 characters or less, you get 66% more engagement. Shorter posts are the way to go.

#3: Be human.

The one way you can charge ahead of other pages is by making your Facebook business page interactive. Engage your audience. Make them part of your page. Encourage them to tag themselves in your photos. Ask them questions. Questions receive 100% more responses than other posts. You can make them vote for different things – like how many fans love Chocolate Chip vs how many love Cherry Garcia, etc.

By engaging your audience on fan pages, you indirectly demonstrate your interest in them. You make them feel special. And they reciprocate by staying loyal to you and your services. What could be better than that?

#4: Capitalize on weekends.

Analytics show 18% more activity on Facebook during the weekends. Make sure you make the best out of this opportunity. If you have anything creative to post, or want to market a new service, or announce an upgrade, weekends are the best times to do so.

Of course, a little research on your target audience will help you a great deal. For instance, if your service is geared towards stay-at-home mothers, know that they are 37% more active on Facebook in the evenings than in the mornings.

Some more trivia:

– Contest posts get 5.5% more responses than normal posts in a Facebook fan page.

– 37% fans “like” Facebook business pages just to benefit from the coupons, discounts, and sales notifications they receive from the page.

– A smiley can increase activity on your business page by 33%.

Do you have any more ideas to share? Oh come on, we know you do. Why don’t you tell us how you increased your visibility on Facebook and expanded your fan following? We’d love to hear your success story!

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