Top 15 High Pagerank Blogs For Guest Posting

Blogging is an interesting activity, where you write something and share online for people to read and comment on them. You can blog for your passion as well as for earning some quick money. However, now guest blogs are quite appreciated and used, where one can write about any particular topic or relevant topic your blog is about and posts them in your blogs.

It is quite an effective tactic to invite some guest bloggers and allow them to post their views, opinions or simply a blog to your blog site. It not only gives a variety to your blog, but gives instant popularity to your blog as well, by attracting more and more traffic.

The guest blogger could be anyone, and can be from any profession. However, in order to make your blog popular, you can choose from the experts of the field on which your blog site is. A blog site can be generic or can be specific, like on any health-related issue, or any technical problem, or on travelling.

The most important thing is to popularize and advertise your blog well in twitter or any social networking website so that the viewers or the readers can get a glimpse of what your blog is about. If you are providing a solution to your readers, it will automatically attract more traffic. The content should be engaging and attractive, so that the readers will be bound to your blog and would like to visit your blog again and again.

high pagerank blogs for guest posting

Let me share with you 15 high pagerank blogs that are accepting only quality and good guest posts from guest bloggers.

15 High Pagerank Blogs For Guest Blogging


Marriage resource site committed to providing information and a proactive community that supports healthy marriages. This site welcome guest posts from avid writers, relationship experts, therapists, counselors, life coaches and mental health professionals. Submit your guest post and help people find information and support for healthy and happy marriages.

1. ComLuv  –  Pagerank #5

ComLuv is high pagerank blog help you find more readers to your blog. As long as you have the CommentLuv plugin installed on your own site they provide you a platform to publish your unique, most visit worthy content with a bio and link direct to your site for readers to find you.

2. DragonBlogger Pagerank #4

DragonBlogger is high pagerank blog provides technology news, blogging tips, Gadget Blog, Gadget Reviews, Gadget Giveaways, Game Reviews, Entertainment Reviews and more.


3. ZacJohnsonPagerank  #4

Zacjohnson is another high pagerank blog. Get inside the secret life of a Super Affiliate. Visit the blog daily as  Zac will update you with his real life experiences and the best ways to make money online with affiliate marketing.


4. BloggersPassion  – Pagerank #3

Bloggers Passion is an ultimate guide to topics related to blogging, making money online, seo, web hosting solutions, search marketing and social media optimization.


5. Blogging Tips  – Pagerank #3

This is my blog, it covers blogging tips, SEO and social media marketing tips, Technology news, reviews, small business tips, save money online tips.


6. BlogGodownPagerank #4

Blog Godown teaches them How to make a blog from scratch. It also focuses on blogging tips, social media, blog marketing and design.


7. EmFastIncome – Pagerank #3

EmFastIncome features articles and tips on Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Web Traffic, Social media, Internet Business and how to make money Online.


8. Aha!NOW – Pagerank #3

Aha!NOW blog is all about solving life problems, learning to improve ourselves, creating awareness and understanding the world through the thought-provoking posts.


9. BlogEngage Blog – Pagerank #3

Blog Engages allows you write guest posts for maximum exposure. You can write about any topic but remember that (Only unique and quality posts are allowed)


10. AvgjoeGeekPagerank #3

avgjoegeek is a mix of Gaming, Technology, and Blogging tips rolled into one site. The site does reviews, updates, and how-tos on everything from WordPress plugins to the latest in Gaming and Technology.


11. OddBlogger  – Pagerank #3

OddBlogger deliver best blogging tips, some SEO tips, effective marketing tips, easy ways to make money through blog, guest blogging tips, all these written by Abhi Balani  and some awesome guest bloggers. Abhi’s main focus with this blog is to help other bloggers and make blogging, SEO and all easy for them.


12.  BusinessGross  –  Pagerank #3

Business Gross is a small business blog that shares about small business tips, social media tips and entrepreneur that would help guide your future business.


13. Bivori  –  Pagerank #2

Honest reviews on worthy blogging tools, WordPress plugins and everything else useful for bloggers is my primary focus here. I present The truth as I saw it. Nothing else can help the way up to Bivori except honesty!


14.  SEOAllRounder  –  Pagerank #2

SEOAllRounder  is your weekly digest of Affiliate Tips , Blogging Tip and much more. Don’t forget to sign up for the weekly newsletter to get latest and secret updates.


15.  Emitez  – Pagerank #2

Emitez blog provides you useful and helpful articles on how to make money online, how to build high pagerank backlinks and build a strong readership.



Blogging is a healthy habit, and regular blogging gives you an insight of the pros and cons of doing the job. However, if you are into guest blogging, you must be aware of fake blog sites, or demanding improper blog content. An authentic blog site gives you fame and money, along with exploring your creative side. Blogging is good for anyone, irrespective of his or her profession, passion or career choices. Occasional blogging often relives you from many anxieties and things you are unable to speak out.

What do you think about the above mentioned blogs? Do you have a good high pagerank blog and accepting guest posts? Leave the comment below.


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