Stop Here and Let More Traffic Flow in!

Welcome Traffic inMany times we are so concerned to improve traffic to our blog but never cared our own actions are stopping a good traffic flow to our blog. Here are some tips as my experience taught!

#1. Fake Personality Works

I see ‘SEO Expert’, ‘Blogging Guru’, ‘Successful online marketer’ and so on crafted beautifully in their bio. How often have you noticed such phrases in twitter descriptions and Facebook profiles?

Some time back, I owned seommotips blog. I always felt it so hard to write posts there. Any visitor landed on ‘SEO MMO tips’ would expect excellent posts about search engine optimization when I was fairly learning optimization process. Thus, I’m in Bivori as somebody to present ‘the truth as I saw it’.

So, stop trying to be somebody Perfect (nobody is). When you become expert or professional, others will start calling you with that title – you’ll never need to!

You can start with being unashamedly the ‘real you’. Share your personality, your knowledge and people will love to follow you. Bring your uniqueness dial it up instead of hiding it.

#2. Invent that wheel Again

This is really hard to resist. How often you wished everything to be in your own blog? I’m not still free from this illness and wasting my time and energy reinventing the wheels.

The pieces are already there, the wheels are freely available. Don’t waste your time and energy to put the pieces all together on your own.

#3. Is It Perfect?

Perfection is unachievable.

No matter how careful, I often discover one or two typo here and there. Nile Flores pointed out that ‘hypocracy’ in URL of my post when I intended hypocrisy after a couple of days after it was published.

Sometimes I realize my words would have worked better if I had worded them differently. Every time I look at my blog, I see a number of small things (and a couple of big things as well) where I could have done better. It’s Okay, I should be doing better and it’s an ongoing process. It should not stop you.

Thus, stop trying to be perfect, try to improve every time and keep going.

#4. No Traffic? Great!

Just wondered? You are reading this post to learn how to increase traffic to your blog and my suggestion is ‘stop worrying about it!’

How many times a day you pull those Analytics stats? The Feed burner reach and Alexa numbers? I used to 3 times a day. I’d also installed a plugin that displays the real-time traffic stats. How you feel after every visit to those numbers? Anxious?

Stop that number game. Your readers are not numbers.

What matters in blogging is the relationship you’re building, connections you are making and the people you are helping. Your readers come to you for help and guidance and you can make a difference for them.

I do not mean the numbers have no value – yes they are important, but you can’t increase them by visiting Analytics 3 times a day. Rather help people, build relationship and connections, you’ll see numbers growing by itself.

Stop worrying about something that increases automatically!

#5. Change of Focus

Why did you start blogging? To share your experience? Your passion? You want to earn your living? To solve your problems? You are not much different than me!

However, realize that your blog is not for you. So, stop thinking about yourself – your posts, your traffic, your earning and a whole lot of ‘YOUrs’. You’ll find your blog is built when you shift the focus to your readers, your fellow bloggers, your friends and your colleagues. It’s a powerful way to share your influence by helping good people. It gets noticed and will drive lots more traffic back to your blog.

Thanks for being with me up to here. Let’s get connected and further discuss about blogging. Do visit my blog and comment below.

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