Website Designing For A Blog – Steps To Take

Blog DesigningWeb designing is not only important for a website but it is equally vital for a blog as well. If you compare a website to a blog; a blog is just like a website’s mini version. Therefore, web designing is also necessary if you are starting off with a blog. There is nothing really different in website designing for a blog and a website. However, since a blog is a smaller platform, things get a little bit easier compared to a website from all angles. Below are a few guidelines to help you with your blog’s web designing.

Why Choose WordPress?

First off all remember to make your blog over WordPress which is the best blogging platform currently and I think it always will be. The main reason behind this is that WordPress blogs are much easier to navigate and highly user friendly. Not only this but WordPress offers a lot of themes to choose from and apply them to your blog. The fun does not end here; with a WordPress blog you can also avail several plugins and give your blog a lot more functionality customizing it according to your needs and requirements.


In a blog’s web design, one thing that matters the most is the theme that you will apply to it. Remember, the theme of your blog will reflect what your blog is all about so choose accordingly. Over here I will suggest that you invest in buying a premium theme for your blog so it would look much more professional and no useless ads from the maker of the theme would appear anywhere. Once you have an attractive and professional theme applied to your blog, you can then start customizing it by adding plugins to it. Remember to keep things simple and your blog should be easy to navigate.

Choose Your Fonts and Graphics Well

The main reason or idea behind blog is to share content; your post or writings with others. This makes it very important to choose the right background, text, and color combination between the both. Go with big enough font size, easy enough font style, and totally readable font color. If your blog is easy to read, people would love it. Not to forget, add quality content for people. Also, add a site map just like a website to the blog and make sure it has around eight to ten pages so people can roam around it and enjoy a lot more stuff.


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