Choosing The Right Blogs To Host Your Guest Posts

Guest postingA major challenge when it comes to promoting your own website by writing guest posts is to get your writing featured on the kind of site that will add value to your business.  The most desirable websites to get your posts on are also the most competitive, so it is a balancing act between getting your posts out there and published, and being too keen to get your posts published at any cost and not getting value from your effort.  The other aspect that is well worth monitoring is which guest posts do attract more visitors to your website and then to be a little more tactical in publishing your guest posts.


Getting Published On High Traffic Blogs

Some of the most attractive blogs to be able to write guest posts for can be those that attract a reasonable number of unique visitors every day, but high traffic alone will often not be the right website for you.  Even though a blog may have a significant number of people going to their site, is that audience the type of audience that you are looking to attract to your website?  Will that audience be interested in purchasing your products or services, or will they click on the adverts on your website?  A blog that has thousands of hits every day from one part of the world will be of no use as a host if your services aren’t available in that part of the world.


Choosing A Blog With An Active Community

One tip that can be very handy when you are looking for a suitable host for your guest post is to look at the posts on those blogs, and to see how many genuine interactions the posts are getting.  Some blogs will publish any response to a guest post, while others will filter out the responses that are frequently generated by automatic blog response programs.  If you see a blog that has plenty of responses that look like they are genuinely posted by people, then this can be a good sign as it suggests the audience is engaged with the blog, and will be more likely to read your guest post with interest.


Blogs That Are Relevant To Your Content

You may well want to publish your guest posts, but one area which is very important is to choose a host that will be relevant to what you have to say.  The audience of a blog on a similar or related topic to your content will be much more likely to have an interest in the information on your site than one of the blogs that will take posts on any subjects.  If traffic is the only aim of your website then these can sometimes work, but as a rule it is best to look for blogs that publish similar content to your own.


Getting Guest Blogging Opportunities

There are some websites that will actively look for people to write guest posts for them, and these are usually a good place to start for those without a strong guest posting portfolio.  A simple google search of ‘write for us’ and the topic you want to write about will often return a good selection of websites that are looking for content on the topic you’re writing about.  As your portfolio increases, then you can start to look at the hosts that are more attractive in terms of the size of their audience and the engagement of their community.


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