Review: EaseUS Partition Manager Software

There comes a time when you feel you could use some extra space in your hard disk to ease or control the way files are accessed. It could be that you need to partition your hard disk after the initial OS installation to create space to save special types of files or even create a backup copy of the existing files. Likewise, you may want to combine some partitions or enlarge the size of certain partitions by reducing others.

Many people are afraid of losing data in the process of creating, merging and resizing hard disk partitions. This shouldn’t be a problem when you have a good partition manager software like the EaseUS partition magic software since there is a lot you can do with the software.

What is EaseUS partition magic software?

This software comes in handy when you want to create, format, delete, resize or rename partitions easily even if you have minimal knowledge of the subject matter. The great thing about the program is that it has a free trial version, which is all you need to create partitions on hard disks, merge them or resize them depending on the needs at the time. Whether you are doing the partitioning on your home PC or for an organization, the partition magic free download ( could be all you need to make storing of valuable business information like operating systems, applications and other data files easy and safe.

Creating backups for any vital corporate or personal information is even easier since you can simply create partitions that would prevent unauthorized access while ensuring that nothing can possibly wipe out all the files since the backups could be stored in multiple physical locations. If you don’t want to be bothered with buying a partition software or simply are skeptical about getting value for money from the full version, the free version could still serve the purpose excellently.

Free Partition Magic Software

With the EaseUS partition magic, you can use the remote agent technology throughout TCP/IP connections to move and copy partitions in PCs and scripting features that allow administrators to change different partitions on any computer through running the relevant script. The software allows users to do such things as:

Resize and move partitions (FAT or NTFS) without losing any data.

The software allows users to seamlessly extend system partitions to enhance PC performance or facilitate better use of hard disk use. You can as well shrink a partition to allow different usage of the disk or move an entire partition to make use of any unallocated space within a partition. You can do all this in a hard drive or a removable storage device like a memory card or a flash drive.

Resize and move partitions

Position the mouse pointer on the left partition handle to shrink D: drive.

Resize and move partitions 3

Partition copy/hard disk copy wizard: allows users to migrate or upgrade their hard drive or copy various partitions to protect whatever data is stored.

Copy with resize: You can resize (enlarge/shrink) disks and partitions when copying to make them fit perfectly within a certain partition or space.

The EaseUS Partition magic is also compatible with different RAID controllers and RAID hardware including IDE Raid controllers, S-ATA, SCSI, SAS, Raid Controllers and Serial ATA host devices and controllers among others.

  • Ability to format, create and delete different partitions with ease for use in different situations.
  • Ease of converting FAT to NTFS and back: Even in free download version.
  • You can merge two partitions to create a larger partition to take up more data for different purposes.
  • You can also create partition labels to easy identification.
  • The software also allows you to view the disk or partition properties with ease.

If you want to hide or unhide certain partitions, you can do so to protect unauthorized/ casual access of the data in such partitions.

You can also set the partition from which you want to be booting from. It is also easy to create a bootable DVD or CD with the software to help you manage partitions.

The software is free to use; you simply need to download it freely and run it on your PC. Although the premium version offers more advanced features, the free version of the EaseUS partition magic is all you need to do some of the partition processes that don’t necessarily need too advanced partition tools or specs.


This is definitely worth having if you need to extend, move, shrink or create partitions in any storage device, be it a hard disk or portable storage device like a memory card. It could come in handy when you want greater organization of data within your storage devices or when you simply want to have greater control of data access. The fact that it is a free download even makes it more attractive; you simply try it risk free since you don’t pay any money and don’t have to worry about losing data during the partition processes.

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