Review: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tool

Microsoft has launched the accustomed accessibility of Dynamics 2016, addressing the ERP (enterpriser resource planning) software solution at small and mid-sized businesses. The current version combined solid integration with Dynamics CRM, Azure cloud and Office 365 which aims at providing users efficient financial management and also facilitates the functions of manufacturing, logistics and overall operations.

To recall, before being brought in to North America in 1990’s, Microsoft Dynamics NAV was basically developed and taken in Europe. The software is a complete ERP solution for SMB’s that is proclaimed to be swift to implement, convenient to configure and uncomplicated in usage. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is in particular attractive to businesses that require a resilient and compliant system with customization competence. However accomplishment of any important customization may result in high-priced maintenance of the software.

Review: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tool


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 features countless possibilities that you might want to incorporate in your growing business venture. The best thing is it is quite convenient to assimilate with external applications and for those who already are familiar with Microsoft’s range of products will find it extremely user-friendly.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV packs in an ideal business solution that accumulates business applications, documents and data which will aid enhance sales, augments partnerships and will surprise your clients.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers number of features including supply chain management, financial management, reporting and many more.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV bids complete management of your finances. It helps you record and monitor your business details and also allow you keep track of your receivable, payables, inventory and cash flows along with bank reconciliations. The product also aids you manage transactions across numerous locations and currencies.


Dynamics NAV provides impeccable features that will help your supply chain, manufacturing and other operations run smoothly. Auxiliary to that it also helps track and analyze your orders, suppliers and inventory.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV features built-in functionality bidding persuasive tools to cater your marketing, sales and service’s needs. The software aids your staff effortlessly control and maintain opportunities and contacts by bestowing them access to associated information and affluent integration with MS Office programs.


Project and job management can be done effectively with the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You can plan and control various projects and jobs in accordance with allocating, billing and resource administration. This helps users keep their projects on path and also aids them coordinate people, processes and information effectively to enhance productivity and outcome.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV embraces numerous options for Business Analytics along with reporting. While dealing with real-time data and various other reporting as well as analytical tools such as OLAP, Graphical displays and web-focused delivery choices, users can make cognizant, assured decisions that aid lift business prosperity.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV by working intrinsically with AZURE SQL allows users to avail optimum on-AZURE experience.

Review: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tool


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is compelling yet economical ERP solution.
  • It is exceptionally adaptable and can be custom-made to cater the requirements of a specific industry or organization.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV assimilates smoothly with your company’s existing system which leads to risk minimization on one hand and on the latter results in profit maximization.
  • As being Microsoft’s product, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is as easy to use as MS Office and MS Outlook, lowering learning duration and reassuring your personnel to use it.
  • Latest and Enhanced integration with CRM online.


For those probing for a powerful yet cost effective solution for their business, Dynamics NAV by Microsoft is an irresistible choice. As far as the cost of the product is concerned, it depends on various factors such as total number of users and the required functionality. In addition, for those updating their existent Dynamics NAV, the price also depends on the version currently in use.

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