Should you ditch the gadgets when you go on holiday?

What is a holiday?  Time off, a recess, a vacation.  Whatever you want to call it, it is meant to be a period when we chill out, relax and forget our problems and cares for a few days.  Maybe a week or two if we are lucky, the aim is that we get some precious ‘me’ time and return to our familiar haunts of home and work refreshed and raring to go.  However, there is one thing that can ruin a holiday and we all need to give this some forethought before we disappear over the horizon into the hot sun and the pure golden sand of the beaches and clear blue crystal waters of the sea.  What do we take with us and what do we leave at home?  Of course we are talking IT related gadgets  and this covers a whole host of commodities and merchandise.


ditch the gadgets when you go on holiday
For instance, how about the mobile phone, laptop, tablet, mini TV, computer games etc.  They may serve their purpose when we are at home but do we really ‘need’ them if we are supposed to be relaxing.  For the parents they can bring untold trouble and aggravation.  Calls and messages from work that could have waited.  Time-wasting messages and links that draw us into the virtual world of social media, when we are supposed to be soaking up the sun in the real world.  We came on holiday to get away from the monotony of the nine to five syndrome, and get here we are, bringing it with us!  And what about the kids?  Do they actually need to be on Facebook or head stuck in the latest computer game?  Should we really be sitting down mesmerised by the TV when we should be out in the fresh air exploring, adventuring and generally having the most fun that we get all year?

Not sure what to do?  Before you decide where your holiday destination is going to be this year, log onto and you will find plenty of other families with exactly the same types of dilemmas, and quite a few more that you have not even thought of yet.  Register on the site and you can immediately be part of this innovative online community which acts as a hub for parents and carers to come together and share their concerns with regard to parenting and technology.

If no-one else seems to be asking the question that is concerning you, then post it on the site and wait for feedback and helpful advice.  At the end of the day, you make your own decision but at least if you consult first you can be sure that you have covered all eventualities.  As far as holidays and the gadgets go, surely it is best to leave them behind and live your lives IT free for a short time?  Don’t be tempted to visit the internet cafes either.  Get the kids out of their normal indoor arena and out into the beautiful places that the earth has to offer us. You will all be glad that you ditched the digital age for a while!


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