Five Other things We’d Love to see Made Into Lego (Besides Minecraft)

Lego is a company that is continually laying their building blocks to secure a future in the toy market. Now you can decide what you would like to see made into Lego and have your say as to how it is made.


Minecraft Mayhem


Lego Cuusoo is the division responsible for bringing Minecraft to market and they have done it all based on the response from Lego lovers and Minecraft fans. Lego Cuusoo works on a very simple principle. If you want to see a video game or even a movie made into Lego, then you can register your idea on the Cuusoo website and start promoting it. As soon as your support base reaches 10,000 people, the idea will be passed to the Lego jury who will take the final decision as to the viability and saleability of your Lego designs.


In late January 2012, Minecraft passed the LEGO review board and the Lego jury to move into pre- production and development stages. The creators of the Lego/Minecraft project are convinced that the two were made for each other. Minecraft is all about creating and building your very own universe in the virtual world and Lego is all about building your world in the world that you live in. Perfect synergy!


How Lego Cuusoo Works

Dark Bucket


If you’re a bit of a Lego fanatic and are crazy about video games, you could be the next inventor of a Lego game. Lego pays a 1% royalty on all approved ideas and all you need is 10,000 of your friends and fans to vote for your idea to bump it to the Lego review department. ‘Star Wars’ collectibles, or a ‘Back to The Future’ DeLorean car to build. These are just some of the ideas that are on the Lego Cuusoo site waiting for votes.


Sensational Sims Building Blocks


The idea of turning video games into Lego games is limitless. If you’re talking about building then we’d like to see a SIMS game developed into Lego adventures. Imagine how much fun you would have creating your SIMS world out of Lego! You would be able to collect and build an entire town of your creation while following the Sims game model.


Skyrim – A Universe Of Lego


Could you create the Skyrim world out of Lego? The interactive game is perfect for the creation of a universe made out of Lego. You’d be able to set out on quests, create adventures and it will probably help you out in the massive virtual world of Skyrim.


Iron Man


Films make great Lego games. There is a stunning connection between the world of fantasy films and the Lego world. Transformers may be slightly too close to the Bionnicle Lego craze of a decade ago, but what about Iron Man? The wild creations and inventions that could create will turn every Lego user into a real life Tony Stark.


Star Trekking Across the Lego Universe


Star Wars collectibles might be capturing votes on Cuusoo right now, but real Lego lovers and movie buffs might be considering the world of Star Trek as an even closer match for Lego building blocks. You could build The Enterprise and set out across your very own Lego universe.


Daleks Made of Lego


One of the most famous television series that seriously deserves its very own Lego game has to be Doctor Who. Don’t those Daleks look like they are made of Lego anyway? Come to think of it, a Doctor Who video game would be brilliant as well!


Lego Cuusoo is the perfect platform for budding designers, video game enthusiasts and Lego collectors. Your ideas can be uploaded to the Cuusoo website and may be original or based on a video game or movie, as long as the design of your Lego blocks is completely yours. Start building your favourite game out of Lego today and load your ideas onto Cuusoo before anyone else does.

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