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It is quite probable that at one point or the other these days, no matter what organization or enterprise are you a part of, you will be thinking of getting a website for the same. Creating a website is not an easy task or child’s play. It might actually involve some in depth knowledge of scripting languages used for creating WebPages like HTML.

While most people who have a basic knowledge of the internet from their school days will claim that they have an idea of HTML, their claim to being able to design and create a website might not actually be that correct. Having a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS doesn’t really mean that you are equipped enough to create your own website however the contrary can be quite true. Now in 2013  there are lot  of tools and options are available for you to create a website and one of the best Tool I’ve seen is IMcreator.

Create a website with IMCreator

Design and create with IM Creator

Yes, now you can design and make a full fledged website with the help of IMCreator tools  where you will find that a number of options and features. Some of other popular website creation options that you might hear of are WordPress and Blogger. However, these are ways that have been in use for a long time now.  IM Creator is a package of tools that is completely awesome and feels fresh to work upon. Moreover, these aforesaid platforms mean that you would be close to creating a website that has been created in the past for most designers and web developers have been making of these CMS Platforms in the past.


IM creator Options and features

IM Creator is a complete package of options and features like the inbuilt templates. The creator has an assorted range of templates to choose from. Mentioned below are all that you can do with the IM Creator:


  • Templates and Layouts
  • Drag and Drop Features
  • In-Built SEO
  • Responsive design development
  • Social Widget Integration
  • The Creators delight


Most website development platforms are based on CMS lines which basically mean that you have to get through a complicated procedure to get to the most basic level of editing and customization. This is not a problem with the IM Creator since the creator is really interactive and has a number of options that are in the nature of drag and drop tools where in you can just select an option and set to work with it delivering results very fast.


This is the ultimate option for creating websites that are simple and elegant yet have a really fresh feel to them along with being much more interactive and easy to navigate.

IM Creator Templates

Create a website with IM Creator

At IM Creator, the process of website creation is very easyand  involves the following  steps:

Choosing a design – The first step undoubtedly is choosing a design form the already provided array of options of layouts and templates.

Customization – The next step is to add to the chosen design and template with the help of proper customisation like the use of different elements, colours etc.

Publishing – The final step would definitely involve the publishing of the website created. For this, you can either resort to the domain name purchased earlier or you can also get a domain by accessing features in built into the IM Creator.

If you want to create a website for free with beautiful and elegant design then  IM-creator Tool is best for you.

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