T-Mobile Mytouch and Mytouch Q Full Review With Specs

T-Mobile Mytouch and Mytouch QFeature phones’ days are numbered for sure. With major cell phone manufacturers coming up with interesting smartphones which are on the same lines as feature phones, it’s only a matter of time that consumers chose the latter for the former. T-Mobile MyTouch and MyTouch Q brings to you the same toned-down features of the smartphones but also in a quite affordable way. Although size has been a casualty, this shouldn’t bother first time buyers as they will be thoroughly impressed with this entry-level smartphone.

T-Mobile Mytouch and Mytouch Q Full Review With Specs

Hardware / design

Even though myTouch and myTouch Q are entry-level smartphones, you’d naturally presume them to be quite weak. These two smartphones will definitely prove you wrong. Both have been manufactured in a way for them to take a strong beating. Rounded corners ensure that you are able to get a good grip on them. Power button, 3.4mm jack are on the top of each phone while the volume rocker takes the left side. The camera button sits comfortably on the right. The charging port is a micro-USB port and is located at the bottom of both of these phone. SIM and MicroSD-card slot are underneath the back. These features are just about enough to see these phones last  the distance and making them quite acceptable to a huge audience.

With the full QWERTY keyboard underneath the Q monster, it’s quite understandable for it to be big. Minus the keyboard, these two phones will look absolutely similar. For those thinking about how difficult it might be to type in them, well, the QWERTY keypad is evenly spaced and ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable at all. But be ready to use the Shift and the Alt keys a lot as pressing and holding a key gives you accented characters.


The LCD has a decent color reproduction and is about as good enough as you can get for that price. The WVGA resolution makes the icons look huge and your HD video-watching, a bit cumbersome.


Cameras on both of these are average. If you are thinking about capturing some stunning low-light pictures, then these aren’t the phones you should be after. But if you are looking for good-enough cameras, then try them!

Software and performance

With both of these phones running on Android 2.3, they may not be absolutely welcome. If you have a feature phone and want to upgrade to smartphone that’s dirt cheap, then this is the phone you should try. There is stuttering and lagging that is not normally associated with Ice-cream sandwich. So, if you think you can put up with an out-dated software for the price, then we aren’t stopping you.

Both of these smartphones are powered by 1.4Ghz processors, making these phones quite fast. You can do basic multi-tasking but if you have to play some intense Android games, then be sure to be ready for some stuttering. 

Battery life and call quality

If you are willing to part with your feature phone thinking about getting a smartphone that would enable you get a battery life for days, then better don’t head that way. T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q easily can last 13 hours. However, expecting anything more is not quite advisable. Call quality and data usage is something that will definitely make you smile as these two smartphones ensure you get the best of both.

Over all, the myTouch and myTouch Q aren’t meant for those who are already owning smartphones. These two phones are for those who aren’t willing to shell out too much but want to get the benefits of smartphones. And there is plenty of market for that!

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