A review of AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy

Have you ever experienced the frustrations of having a hard drive that doesn’t have enough free space to take up additional programs, files and operating system without slowing you down? If so, you must have had the thoughts of buying another PC with a better processor speed and a larger hard disk size. However, people always need more data to undertake different activities, which means hard disk size may still be insufficient even if you had previously increased its size.


Many people are skeptical about getting a new hard disk because they fear losing or simply not having easy access to the data in their old hard disk. ( AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy ) is one of its kind in enabling people to migrate files, OS and programs from an old hard drive to a new hard drive without losing or corrupting the data. In fact, it allows you to create a perfect 1:1 copy/clone of some of the most common hard drive types.


AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy: what it does

Hard Drive Copy InterFace


This software allows users to move original (old) drive image to a the new disk without installing or reinstalling the applications, operating systems, setting them up and in updating them since everything is automatically done by the software. This type of software is perfect if you want to move your OS, programs and files to a new hard drive without worrying about having to set things up everything from scratch.


Essentially, it allows you to have an exact copy (image) of the hard drive including the way files, folders and programs are arranged making the switch between the new and old hard drive as seamless as it can be. You can even migrate boot drive to new hard disk or copy hard drive without the hassle of formatting the hard drive and installing it again to the new hard drive.


The software is one of the very advanced tools for disc migration enabling Windows XP, Windows Vista Windows 7 & 8 users to create copies of their hard drives and partitions with ease. In just one click, you can copy or clone your entire hard disk or partitions; hence, you can backup windows and data with great ease. With the bootable clone, you don’t have to worry about reinstalling OS, losing documents and other important programs, since the software does everything for you.


It is capable of creating 1:1 copies of the hard drive or the partitions for use in whatever situation. You also have an option to erase all the data from the old hard drive such that data recovery, even with the best data recovery tools, is impossible. It is capable of reconstructing each file structure during the migration (copying) process, which means the destination hard drive is definitely likely to have similar defragmentation effect that allows it to perform better and in a more stable manner after the completion of the migration process.


Features of the AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy

This advanced disk migration tool has exceptional features that enable users to perform things that have for a long time been done manually presenting loopholes for errors. The software allows users to:


  • Expand disk partitions to match the size of the new hard drive: This software has an auto expansion feature capable of expanding the partition sizes in proportion with the destination disk size.
  • Copy files and folders without losing the original attributions and timestamps.
  • Defrag the cloned hard drive or SSD for enhanced performance.
  • Wipe all the data permanently from the old (source) hard drive or SSD after successful migration.
  • Detect any damaged sectors.


Perform disk migration when Windows is still running: This software supports VSS enabling the process to take place in the background. However, you cannot copy the files and folders when the migration process starts.


Copy specific partitions- Applexsoft Hard Drive allows users to copy specific disk partitions. This is ideal when the destination hard drive has a smaller size than the original hard drive (especially SSD) since you just need to copy the system drive to SSD if you want to use SSD as your new system disk.


Copy files, programs and OS from: partition to partition, disk to disk or partition to disk. You even have an option to use a destination partition or destination disk whose size is smaller than the source disk; normally, you would use a source disk that is smaller than the destination disk.


Perform the copy process in just one click-When the destination disk is not allocated, all you have to do is to follow the three-step partition/disk migration process. You can also copy sector by sector within the unallocated area. Even if some partitions are invisible, you can still copy them. Additionally, supports dual boot environment making it more user friendly.


The software supports all common hard drive types including SSD drives, RAID, IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI drives. You can upgrade everything to new hard drive types like HDD and SSD with fast speed and with great ease. It supports all file formats including NTFS, Linux Ext2/ReiserFS/Ex3, Lunux Swap, FAT16 and FAT32. However, users cannot take advantage of the partition expansion offered by the software when using Lunux EX2/ReisderFS/Ex3 and LinuxSwap. You don’t need any special startup disks to start using the software as well. It also has an interface that is easy to use.



If you love the way files, folders and programs in your system disk work in harmony and are easy to access but feel frustrated by the hard drive size, you don’t need to get a new PC. Additionally, you don’t have to start afresh when you get a new hard drive since you can create a copy/clone your old hard drive on a larger hard drive, while ensuring that the partitions are expanded proportionally. This AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy software will definitely come in handy in some really desperate situations.


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