4 Signs That It’s Time To Move Your Office

Few businesses can thrive in a stagnant environment and while a move is always a source of upheaval (and not a little anxiety for entrepreneurs) there are some times in which one has to take the hit of temporary inconvenience and reduced productivity in the name of long term working harmony. The concept of moving offices may set alarm bells ringing for nascent entrepreneurs, especially those who’ve taken great pains to choose their office space in the first place.

Move Your Office

While a move may result in a temporary dip in productivity, choosing the office moving companies can really take the sting out of the move by making the transition much quicker and easier than you’d expect. Besides, there are certain circumstances under which your old office can become an impediment to office morale and productivity. Sometimes a change of scenery can be just the thing your business needs to inject new life into your culture and operations. If you notice any of the following it may prove to be the dawn of a new era for you and your business…

Your lease is about to expire

Let’s start with the obvious. Many landlords are counting on you to stay where you are as they assume businesses would rather stay where they are than go through the hassle of moving. Unfortunately, this also means that your landlord may use this to their advantage by cranking up the rent and implementing new service charges. Rather than settling for this, start planning your move 12-18 months in advance of your lease expiring as this will put you in a position of power and you’ll be as prepared as possible going into the move.

You’re running out of space

Growth is a sign of a healthy business, but as businesses grow and recruit new employees and buy new equipment they can also notice that things start to get a little cramped. Cramped and cluttered office spaces are rarely conducive to concentration and harmonious working relationships and working together in cramped office space can create tension among your workforce as everyone starts to get cabin fevered. If you’re noticing that your team are struggling to concentrate or arguing more than they used to, it may be time to move to a more spacious premises.

Your spread over too wide a space

Some businesses suffer as a result of their own growth in a different way as they find themselves spread across multiple offices or even multiple buildings. This can impede communications between team members and lessen the team dynamic as employees are no longer sharing the same physical space. If you’re finding it harder and harder to get in touch with key members of your team because they’re situated far away, and are never at their desk when you visit or call it may be time to consider a move.

The culture is stagnating

Businesses live and die by their culture and the set of shared values which all employees share. An effective business culture is an integral part of its brand identity and should be constantly tweaked and updated. Over time, however, bad habits can develop among the workforce and their behavior and performance can drift ‘off message’. A move to a new premises is a great way to give all employees a refresher course so that they know exactly what they (and you) stand for.

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