Factors that you should not Overlook When Searching for a Serviced Office

A place like Hong Kong is so competitive that it would be difficult to find office space to your liking and advantage. It is one of the most expensive places in the world; so expect that rent is stratospherically high. Nowadays, finding an office in Hong Kong becomes easier, thanks to serviced or flexible office companies. At this time, most of you are already familiar about ways on how to find appropriate offices to rent, but it is also important that you should not overlook some factors, which might make or break your operations or business choice.

Serviced Office

Testing is a Must

Many of these companies proudly proclaim that it has the most modern and state of the art facilities. It is important that you make an ocular inspection and request an on hand testing of the amenities such as the high speed Internet, professional reliability of their staff and support. This way, you are assured that features and services offered are really functional. Also, learn more on how other tenants share these amenities and whether there is some sort of schedule involved as to who has booked the conference room for that day or time etc.

Accessibility is Important Too

You might have a prestigious address when you opt to rent a serviced office, but the question is how reachable is your office for your clients? Not only should your customers and clients be able to find you easily, but you should also have to consider traffic, alternate routes, and access to transportation. You should be able to travel to and from your office with ease. Also, take note of local ordinances, since there are some cities which implement number coding to ease out traffic. Therefore, it is very critical that availability of different transport system is open, so that you and your clients won’t be experiencing difficulty when meeting schedules and deadlines.

Know Your Neighbours

While at times the old saying that: “birds of the same feather flock together,” may not be true always, it pays that you should take note of what companies are also renting in the same floor or in the same building. It is an added bonus if there are companies renting whose services you require. It is advantageous when you don’t have to get out of the building to look for clients as some tenants might be your great source of income. Or, their customers might be your customers too. In addition, finding rival companies inside a serviced office building might be a plus or minus factor; depending on how sensitive your operation is.

Indeed, finding an office in Hong Kong can be easy and less stressful provided that you are aware of other important factors that need to be considered. At times, most of us are fixated on the obvious and overlook some items. For example, we are easily swayed with affordable rates and omit promotional offers such as paying for two days rent and occupying three days. Some might not find it attractive, but a little adjustment might be advantageous too.


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