Knowing Your Audience for Better Connections

When you first start out blogging you really don’t know what kind of audience will stick, I am not talking about those who are just interested in the niche or target you are blogging about but also the other audience factors, one that companies consider their customers and do polling to learn who their customers are based on geographic location, gender, age.

With websites we can go further and know more about customers based on not only these factors but their method of accessing your site is also a telling sign and can help cater to how you blog, what your blog about and especially how you may present your blog.

Leveraging Google Analytics is a good idea for your blog, not just to track your unique visits, pageviews and which content is most frequently accessed, but it also gives you information about your audience, the sources and the guts can help you adjust your blogging tactics.

Location Based Information

Country Location

Looking at the Demographics section of Google Analytics lets you see where the majority of your traffic comes from.  You can use this information to tailor articles toward your most popular demographic, or even write articles that target demographics to your smaller markets to help raise traffic from countries where you aren’t getting much traffic from.

country analytics

Knowing where the top 10 source countries are for your traffic also helps you align your affiliate marketing strategies as well, as trying to affiliate sell a non-digital product that won’t ship to a country where you get a lot of traffic from may not be such a good idea.  Also not all CPM/CPA networks count visits/clicks from other countries so knowing to tailor your affiliate marketing and banner advertising for your top traffic origin sites is important.

One major note, don’t look at one month metrics when factoring this, you should look over the course of 1 year or 6 months before shifting your marketing strategy to a more geographic centric targeting approach.

Browser Visits

Leveraging the Technology, Browser & OS demographics information we can see which browsers visit your site most often.

Browser Analytics

You can see from this screenshot Chrome is the majority of traffic followed by Firefox.  This would cause me to be extra focused on making sure that my blog or website renders properly in Chrome and Firefox, that the CSS aligns properly, images are clear…etc.  You also can see if Android browser popups on the list, knowing you should start catering to mobile browsers, but you can get more information from the Mobile demographics section.

Mobile Demographics

Knowing how much mobile traffic you are getting is very important, you then need to make sure your website or blog is optimized for mobile browsers which are not only on slower networks (generally) but have so much smaller screen real estate. If your blog has a lot of images or load time, you may consider a mobile theme like WP Touch (Free Version) or WP Touch Pro to greatly simplify your blog display for mobile sites.

Mobile Demographics

If you see mobile visits start to grow to more than 10% of your visits or higher then you need to have a mobile strategy in place, banner ads for mobile need to be smaller and less intrusive.  Giant banners for sales images in posts just don’t work properly in mobile browsers, so you need to adjust strategy.  It is very hard to optimize a theme for both mobile and desktop browser at the same time so typically you need a separate mobile theme/plugin to assist here unless you are working with a theme designer on a theme that has support for desktop and mobile web browsing.

Visitor Flow

Finally the Visitor Flow demographics is very important as well and is tied to visitor location.

Visitor Flow

This helps show you what countries visitors are coming from and what are the most popular resources on your site accessed from those visitors, this again helps you find out which article types do well in certain geographic locations and can help you focus on writing more articles of a certain type or changing existing articles to help become more applicable to other geographic locations if necessary.

In Summary

Paying very close attention to the type of traffic, where it comes from, what browser or device it comes from and more can help you choose the direction you grow  your site.  You can choose to optimize and cater to your already stronger locations or you can grow in areas where you were intending to draw in more traffic. If you are looking to branch out more in other geographic locations it helps to sometimes hire some writers from those locations who can bring perspective there as well.



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