Get Targeted Traffic Quality Backlinks and Earn Some Extra Money From Blog Engage

Every blogger wants targeted traffic, quality backlinks, readers and comments for their blogs. I enjoy getting traffic from referrals. Those mainly come from commenting, promoting blog posts on the social bookmarking sites like Blog Engage and building relationships with others bloggers. By putting yourself out there for all to see, you start to get noticed and the traffic just starts showing up.

I have decided to do a personal review about Blog Engage community and RSS Syndication Service with my experience. Personally I love the service and think it is worth every penny I’ve invested in it. Take a look with me as I go from my own experience and you can decide for yourself if Blog Engage is worth it for you!

Blog Engage Community

What is Blog Engage?

Blog Engage is a bloggers community started by Brian Belfitt, totaly different community from other social networking sites and have lot of features. Bloggers promote their blog posts to Blog Engage for more exposure, targeted traffic and quality back links. All articles submitted are sent to the upcoming page where other bloggers read share and vote on the submissions. When your post reaches desired votes, it will get featured and found on the Blog Engage home page.

What is the Blog Engage Syndication Service and how it works?

With a monthly RSS Syndication Service you don’t have to worry about manually submit posts building back links and can focus on more important factors such as building relationships with other bloggers. When you publish new blog post, RSS Service syndicate it and it will be posted on multiple PR3+ websites share on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook,  Google +1, Linkedin. When you submit your blog post to blog engage you will receive instant visitors to your article. to help improve your SEO and back link profile. it’s as easy as that, no hassle, no fuss. The higher the package the more social media marketing and back links your blog will get.

Blog Engage have five membership levels.

1. Standard Account Membership (£19.99 – One Time)

  • Manual Submission
  • Adsense Revenue Program
  • Groups
  • Community Blog
  • Free e-Book
  • JustRetweet Bonus (3000 Credits)

2. Platinum Membership (£9.99/Month)

  • Content Syndication (1 Feed)
  • All Standard Account Features
  • Portfolio
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • JustRetweet Bonus  (3500 Credits)

3. Business Membership (£19.99/Month)

  • Content Syndication  (3 Feeds)
  • All Standard Account Features
  • Portfolio
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • JustRetweet Bonus (4000 Credits)

4. Business Plus Membership (£29.99/Month)

  • Content Syndication (5 Feeds)
  • All Standard Account Features
  • Portfolio
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Featured Spotlight
  • Free Job Board Listings
  • JustRetweet Bonus (4500 Credits)

5. Direct to Front Page Membership (£99.99/Month)

  • Content Syndication (8 Feeds)
  • All Standard Account Features
  • Portfolio
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Contest Giveaway
  • Featured Spotlight
  • Free Job Board Listings
  • Front Page Feature
  • JustRetweet Bonus (5000 Credits)
  • Direct to Front Page (Blog Engage Home Page)

What is JustRetweet bonus?

JustRetweet is a website that can help to get retweets on our tweets. This site not only provide retweets but also helps your blog posts to go viral on twitter and drive good traffic. Blog Engage is partnered with JustRetweet and will give you Free bonus when you join Bog Engage community.


Blog Engage Features.

Blog Engage have lot of features, submit and share posts, vote and comment on other bloggers posts, add other bloggers to your friend list, you can send them private messeges, you can do online chat with them, you can create groups, guest blogging contests, spotlight and free standard accounts giveaway, guest blogging, job boards,  reward to readers and Affiliate program.

1.  Featured your article on Home Page.

When your post reaches desired votes, it will get featured and found on the Blog Engage home page. Then you will get double traffic more comments on your blog posts. If you have “Direct to Front Page MemberShip” then don’t worry your article will be auto featured on home page.

Featured articles

2. Vote and Comment on story.

Here you can vote, share and comment on other bloggers articles, in return they will do same for your articles. Its all about engagement.  Interact with them and I hope you will get more than what you give.


3. Add friends to your friends list.

Adding friends to your friend list will be more fun, like facebook we loves to add more and more friends to our friend list because we want good friends.

Blog engage friends

4. Private Messages.

If you have something to say to your friend you can send him/her a private. He or she will get an email about your private mesesage that your friend sent you a messege on Blog Enage. Don’t use this feature for sending spam links.

private messeges

4. Blog Engage Chat.

If you have some free time and your friends are online on Blog Engage you can chat with them.  Personally I liked this chat feature because I love to chat with my bloggers friends. You can connect your facebook account or Google talk for chat.

blog engage chat

5. Blog Engage Groups.

One of the best feature of Blog Engage  is the groups feature. Blog Engage groups you can target your article to a specific group of people. like if I write an article about Blogging, I can submit it to Blogging group. This will help us target our traffic to users that are actually  looking for blogging articles. When you submit your article to a group your article will get engaged and your blog will get more traffic. When your group become popular it will  be display on home page and you will get more members, votes, and traffic.


6. Guest Blogging Contests.

Brian wants  to grow other bloggers traffic, backlinks and Money. Yes money, you can win hard cold cash through guest blogging contest.  Last year in 2012 Justin from won the $1000 USD guest blogging contest. You can win too!

guest blogging contest

Read what others are saying about Blog Engage Contests:

justinBlog Engage always awards impressive cash prizes for bloggers who write the best articles and those who are able to bring in the most engagement in the form of comments, shares and such. (By Justin Germino from

abhi-balaniFor last few months, Blog Engage has been the main source of my income through blogging. As I said, I made $750 in last few month from Blog Engage. If you do read my blog regularly, then you might have seen my posts about $500 CONTESTS hosted over Blog Engage. And the good thing about contests there is that the contests are hosted one after another. The Blog Engage guy; Brian doesn’t take a break. The day a $500 contest ends, Brian is ready with another $500 contest the very next day. (By Abhi Balani from

jasonWhat also makes BlogEngage an awesome site not only for the services it offers and the ability to network with other bloggers but the potential to win cash through the contests it provides. (By Jason Mathes from

7. Standard Account or Spotlight Giveaways.

Blog Engage has decided to increase social followers of those who have Business Plus Marketing Package. Pluse Give away  free standard account or Spotlight on Blog Engage every week for readers. Now readers can win Free standard account or Spotlight.


8. Guest Blogging at Blog Engage.

Every bloggers knows the power of guest blogging, if you write unique and quality guest posts you will get free traffic, backlinks and readers to your blog. Blog Engages allows you write guest posts for maximum exposure. (Only unique and quality posts are allowed)

guest blogging

9.  Blog Engage Job Board.

If you are a Blog Engage monthly subscription member or have a standard account you can post job offer in this section. Blog Engage readers can apply for these jobs without any subscription plan.

10. Reward Points System at Blog Engage.

Brian wants to reward  Blog Engage readers. As you can see the rewards tab is on the right top side of the website and when logged into Facebook you can see the catalog of prizes and rewards we have created. Now you can earn points everyday by visiting Blog Engage, sharing posts on facebook, twitter, google+. The more points you earn the more prizes you can win for free.

prize catalog

11. Blog Engage Affiliate Program.

Join Affiliate Lights and earn 25% recuring commissions with the Blog Engage RSS Service. When you signed up and approved by Blog Engage you will get $10 USD bonus. You must have PayPal account to receive commissions.

Affiliate lights

See what Pro Bloggers are saying about Blog Engage.

brian-dBlog Engage has really opened my eyes as to the real potential of networking and has helped me become a better teacher. Sure, the voting platform is nice but that’s a very small part of what Blog Engage has to offer. (By  Brian D. Hawkins from Hot Blog Tips)

heshamBlogEngage service considered one of the best solutions for me. And, with the Business Plus RSS Syndication I have a peace of mind. My blog authority has increased since I started to use the syndication service. (By Hesham Zebida From Famous Bloggers)

Its my personal review about Blog Engage community, if you like it please share  it on social sites with your friends.  Now your turn. Are you a Blog Engage member or will you join? Please share your thoughts and experience with me in comment section below.



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