Top 8 signs you may be missing out on blog traffic

Blog traffic can mean a lot of different things but to fully understand why people are coming there and what their general impression is should be your first goal when examining blog traffic. There are quite a few tips and trends to tell just how you can determine if you’re missing out on some blog traffic and not optimizing it properly.


Blog Traffic
Blog Traffic


These tips are starters and aren’t going to run your blog on their own. You still need to properly do market research, audience research and stay consistent with your blog if you hope to maintain a successful blog in your niche and ensure that you’re receiving as much traffic as humanly possible. Take these tips with a grain of salt but consider them when running your blog.


Top 8 signs you may be missing out on blog traffic


  • 1 – High bounce rate

If you’ve logged into your analytics account and you happen to notice that your blog has a high bounce rate, then there’s obviously a reason. Perhaps the people don’t like the layout of your page or the people just plain don’t like what you have to say. Either way, if you have a high bounce rate, this isn’t good for your site or for your rankings in Google.

  • 2 – No user interaction

If you’re getting a lot of traffic but yet you’re noticing that no one is liking, commenting or sharing any of your content, then there’s a serious problem there. People may not like what they see or you could be getting by attacked by bots but you should always have anti-spam plugins available on hand.

  • 3 – Low activity time

This might be another issue that you’re missing out on some blog traffic, because low activity time means people aren’t staying on the website very long before leaving. You want people to remain there as long as possible to get the information they were looking for in the first place. They say that you only have 3 seconds to capture the attention of a brand new visitor before they leave.

  • 4 – Too few backlinks

If you haven’t done any kind of backlink building and you’re not noticing and links pointing to your pages, then you’re missing out on a lot of traffic both from the backlinks and from ranking higher up in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). SEO should always be a valid concern, right after the quality of your site.

  • 5 – No giveaways

Let’s face it, not everyone has a lot of money to do these kinds of things but if you’re not doing any kind of giveaways, then you might be missing out on some traffic as well. It’s hard for newer blogs to obtain and keep traffic so this is why some of them do product giveaways with products relevant to their niche.

  • 6 – Your ranking is poor in Google

If you’ve done a Google search for some of the keywords you’re targeting and you notice that your ranking isn’t even on the first page, then this is something that should be fixed immediately because you’re missing out on a lot of potential traffic. Even a keyword only 3,000 searches a month is still a potential 100 new visitors every single day.

  • 7 – Other blogs are updated more frequently

If you notice that some blogs in your niche are being updated more frequently than yours, then perhaps it’s time to re-examine your posting schedule and get back on track. You need to post often to get Google’s attention and keep it.

  • 8 – You have a lot of impressions but no clicks

If you’re noticing on your Analytics account that a lot of people are viewing your page in the SERP but you’re not getting a lot of clicks, you need to go through your meta data and see what kind of title and description people are seeing because this might play a huge role in determining just why the traffic isn’t flowing in.


Blog traffic should be taken with a grain of salt because it’s hard to start up a blog and get a lot of traffic to it. You might be discouraged at first by a low amount of viewers but you always want to make sure you’re following the above steps and that you’re not missing out on a lot of traffic potentially.


A lot of new bloggers mistake all traffic as good traffic and think that all traffic is potentially converting traffic whether they’re selling a product or whether they’re making money via advertisements on their blog. The type of traffic you can highly profit off of is based on quite a few different determining factors being the niche, the market, the audience and a whole host of other factors but there are always basic things you should always be paying attention to ensure that you’re properly maximizing the traffic that you are getting or aren’t getting.

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