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5 Technology Trends in Education

Education is really important. The more educated you are, the better job you can get. Since the begging of our education, we try to give our best in order to be an excellent student and learn the things that we really enjoy. With the development of new technology, teachers and educators tried to use some

How Social Media Is Changing the Role of Education among All Age Group Students

The introduction of social media has completely changed the parameters in which people and organization operate and interact. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook connect the world in a way that Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian philosopher could not have thought of while popularizing the term ‘global village’ in the year 1960s. It has

Least Stressful Health Jobs that Pay Well

Least Stressful Health Jobs that Pay Well If you are considering a career in health-care, you might envision the high stress workday of an emergency room nurse or the hectic pace of a busy physician’s office. The truth is, however, that wide varieties of health-care positions are low stress and pay extremely well. According to