Least Stressful Health Jobs that Pay Well

Least Stressful Health Jobs that Pay Well

If you are considering a career in health-care, you might envision the high stress workday of an emergency room nurse or the hectic pace of a busy physician’s office. The truth is, however, that wide varieties of health-care positions are low stress and pay extremely well. According to many lists, health-care jobs frequently rank as some of the best paid with the least stress. So, if you want to make good money, avoid a massive amount of stress, and still have the security of working in the booming health-care industry, one of the following careers might be right for you.



When it comes to low stress health-care jobs, audiologists really have it made. They typically work normal business hours with the weekends off and pull in over $60,000 per year. The job consists of testing patient’s hearing and creating courses of treatment for those with hearing loss. The work can be highly fulfilling. Those who suffer from hearing impairment usually see huge gains in quality of life with proper treatment. Paired with the regular hours and high salary, audiology seems like a dream field for those who want a low stress job in health-care.



If working with ears is not your desire, a dietician is another health-care career that boasts low stress, but high fulfillment and pay. Using your skills, you can work in a variety of fields, from hospitals to private clinics. You will be responsible for planning healthy menus for a variety of patients in an institutional setting. If you choose to work for a private clinic, you will help patients achieve health goals through diet planning. The job pays over $50,000 per year with a regular schedule, depending on where you decide to work.


Massage Therapist

If you like helping people relax, massage therapy might be your best career choice. Massage therapists usually work for themselves and can set their own hours and rates. Most make between $10 and $35 per hour depending on their location, skill and clientele. How much you make per year depends on how many clients you choose to take. The work itself can be relaxing and rewarding. Your clients will always be happy to see you!


Physical Therapist

As a physical therapist, you can expect to bring home a big paycheck, but not the big stress that usually goes with it. A physical therapist salary can be very high, typically between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, but offers a wide variety of settings in which to practice. You could work at a clinic helping people regain mobility after accidents and injuries or you could work for yourself.


Health-care is a growing field with a number of opportunities available, even for those who wish to avoid high stress jobs. Not only can your work be less stressful and highly paid, but the above fields are also very rewarding, which is very important in minimizing work stress.

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