Recover deleted photos by using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

We take photos for various reasons. It can because we wanted to cherish important events in our lives or just wanted to take pictures out of boredom. These photos are restored in our devices, sometimes these photos are deleted accidentally, and thus, we need the help of applications like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free in order to recover deleted photos.

Free Data Recovery Software

Product Features:

Supports various languages

This feature lets anyone understand how this software is used if they just find the language they understand that is supported by this software.

Data retrieval

The main feature of this software is that it is able to retrieve and recover lost files from hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, Memory card recovery, digital camera, mobile phone, music player and other storage media due to deleting, formatting, software crash, hard drive damage, virus attacking, partition loss or other unknown reasons.

Two scanning modes

The software has 2 options of progressive scan mode. The first one is the quick that is used in looking for deleted file while the second scan that is the deep scan would be able to find accessible, formatted or lost files. You can choose between these two scanning modes based on what you need.

Pause scanning and save results

You can pause the scanning process of the software anytime and the results after the scan can also be saved. They could also be imported to perform recovery without the need for undergoing scan again.

Preview data

Before you decide to recover data, you have the option to preview the data and check if it is what you are looking for before even deciding to recover them. That way, only the needed ones are recovered.


  • Free

The software is completely available for free. You do not need to spend money just to use this software and be able to recover deleted photos. All you need to do is to download the software.

  • Effective

The software has already proven its effectiveness based on the testimonials that have been left by the users of this software. In addition, people kept using this software and that is an additional proof that this software is indeed effective.

  • Ease of use

You would be able to bring back your lost data in just a few clicks. You just need to launch the program, scan the device, preview your data and then recover it. There is no need for complexity in using this software.


  • Available for windows and for Mac only

This software is compatible for any windows and mac devices but aside from those two, there is uncertainty if it would work with other devices but on the brighter side, many people use windows and mac devices and for that reason alone, more people would be able to use it.

Customer reviews:

So far, the product has received positive reviews. They liked how the software was able to recover deleted photos. They are very much delighted with the results they have witnessed. People who have lost important data are very thankful for the creators of this software. Some even that it saved their lives since it was able to retrieve extremely important data.

We don’t know when we’ll accidentally delete data and files and that is why it is important to have software like this one to be prepared for these kinds of situations. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free has truly helped people to recover their important data.


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