Perks of Using Safety Switches Powered by PILZ

No doubt that in terms of securing position monitoring and safety fate, PILZ is a leading company that develops and manufactures safety switches. Pilz is the top company in terms of safe automation technology. The company’s main head office is located in Germany. However, with the company’s desire to deliver high quality safety switch, the company put branch offices and subsidiaries in different continents.

Perks of Using Safety Switches Powered by PILZ

With the company’s safe automation technology, years of experience and expertise, getting people’s trust and loyalty was easy for the company. PILZ serves as the one stop solution provider in terms of providing standard and safe automation. Pilz has high quality products for monitoring, sensor technology and control technology. The company understands the need of many people for best automation solutions, position monitoring and safety. In line with this, the company implements excellent diagnostic and visualization to provide high quality safety switches which are applicable for any range and type of business activities.

Products Offered by Pilz

The safety switches manufactured by Pilz come in different classifications. It is essential that you choose safety switches in accordance with your needs. Pilz provides a wide range of automation solutions for machinery or plant. Safety switches offered by the company are listed below:

  • Mechanical Safety Switches – This type of safety switch is suitable to use for conventional and traditional safety gate applications. It is good to increase protection against defeat and manipulation.


  • Non-Contact Magnetic Safety Switches – These safety switches are perfect to use for machines that are exposed to vibration. These safety switches provide excellent process of installation of cable and connectors for any type of mounting needs.


  • Safe Hinge Switches – This can help you maximize protection, flexibility and manipulation protection system of your device.


  • Safety Bolts – You can use safety bolts as a complement to your existing safety switches. This package includes bolt, handle and switch that can optimize the switch design and performance. It also provides mechanical protection.

Non-Contact Coded Safety Switches – It is used for high level of protection against defeat and manipulation. This type of switch can also help you add performance and value to your device.

Why Choose Safety Switches of Pilz?

Pilz guarantees excellence, performance and availability of the products. At Pilz, you are guaranteed to get high quality, well-design and efficient products. Pilz is very proud to say that they have all in one automation safety switches suitable to use for machinery and plant.

Pilz, as a top notch system supplier, aims for continuous product improvement. Pilz is the best company that supplies and provides the best safety automation solutions from control and drive technology to sensor technology. Pilz guarantees that all their products underwent excellent product diagnostics and operation to ensure excellent performance.

With Pilz’z safety switches, you are guaranteed to experience high safety switches performance, protection and top notch position monitoring. The safety switches offered by the company are perfect safety automation solutions for machineries and plants.

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