Jelly App – Answer To The Questions

The apps available nowadays have made the daily life works just as simple as tapping a button. The one can get every kind of the information from world to local news, sports to current affairs, medication to beauty tips and much more.

These apps are very good for both learning and entertainment purpose. Today’s Google generation like all the stuff developed by the programmers to let them know each and every thing about this tiny world.

The teens like this approach of learning very much so the developers are constantly developing apps which are not useful but entertaining as well.

One more app has hit the market and is becoming quite a popular subject among the users.

The app named Jelly App and has been developed by the social networking giant Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone.

Jelly App


This is a simple app which uses my connections on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What exactly it does is I get the answer of your question by my friends or their friends. The question has not been specifically a written one or from a particular topic.

It can be anything from a tower before me to my looks, travelling plans to destination path information, and many others.

The same thing I can do with others; I can answer the questions of others too, which may or may not be asked by friends but shared.

The catch is I’ll get an appropriate answer at any time of the day if I’m in a critical condition like fever and I don’t really know what to do.

The Way of Working

The way this app works is not just interesting but entertaining too. All I need to do is click a picture and post it with the question.

For example, if I’m standing in front of an old museum and I want to ask with my friends that it would be wise to spend time here or not.

Then, I need to click a picture of that museum and post it on the app; the friends joined with me on the app will answer my question or will suggest another place if possible.

The same thing could be done for anything like my new hair cut, about a gadget, in a new city where your friends already had been and others.

Need of Use

Though, before installing this app I was thinking that why I should use this app when I can do all these things on my Facebook account only. But, then I realize that beside the fun part I can get answers with experience as unlike my social accounts many other people are also here with me.

The more experience you have, the more easy solutions to your problem will be there.

Surely this is not an app which can be used on a regular basis but, using it on a weekly basis is not a bad idea at all. And, if you still don’t like the deal, then you know how to uninstall it from your smartphone. Isn’t it or not?

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