Top Reasons Why Fibre Optic Network is Becoming Most Preferred Network

Fibre optic network is the technology that transmits data with the help of glass or plastic threads (fibers). A bundle of glass or plastic threads known as fibre optic cable have the capability to transmit all messages modulated onto light waves. The fibre optic is slightly thicker than human hair and has better bandwidth than the metal cables.


Fibre Optic Network


Amcom is an Australian Telecommunication company which provides fibre optic network over 2,100 kms throughout Australia. It also provides dark fibre a solution which provides you with the opportunity of creating your own network and this don’t even require investing in the fibre optic infrastructure.


Most preferred network

— The fibre optics are considered to be more efficient and highly secured than other types of network like the copper cabling, fibre optic cables.

— The ability of fibre optic to transmit more information maintaining high quality is quite enviable.

— Fibre optic is  more safer than copper cable.

— Fibre optic is the only choice when it comes to long distances.

— Due to the glass based optic cables they don’t conduct electricity thus it is safe even when lightning trucks.

— It can be used outdoors and also in close proximity with electric cables without fearing any mishap.

— No corrosion occurs.


These are some of the reasons why fibre optic network is becoming a most preferred network. You don’t have need to worry  about electrocution or any other major mishap. It is safe to use and travels long distances too.


There are several advantages of the fibre optic network:

Secured data

Around the optical fibere you won’t find any radiated magnetic field as the electromagnetic fields are restricted within the fibre. This way one thing is ensured that nobody is able to tap into the data, keeping the data secured. This is the reason even sensitive data can be transmitted through this without any hesitation.


No hazard of sparks

Transmitting signal through electrical current can prove to be dangerous as they produce small sparks. These sparks are in general no big threat but if it is in any place where there are potential explosive vapors then this little spark has the ability to instigate a big explosion. Thankfully fibre optic does not carry electric current so you are safe from these little sparks too.


Easy to install

With the increasing capacity of transmission of wire cables it becomes thicker and thicker making it almost impossible to install in the building which is fully completed. With the fibre optic network this doesn’t seem to be a problem at all as they are smaller thus doesn’t require much fire retardant material. This reduces the cost also as the fire retardant materials are very highly priced. So, it is beneficial in both ways.


The fibre optic network seems to be the best option when coming to transmission of data and services. The telecom industry uses this network mostly in the central offices as it is not so popular yet in the domestic front due to the price of the fibre optic network.


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