An objective review of DVDFab DVD Ripper

Saving a DVD copy of your favorite movie can sometimes require unusually large space on your hard drive especially when the DVD contains multiple video tracks since it is almost impossible to segregate them to play the VOB files. Additionally, you wouldn’t be able to play the files in this format on portable devices like your smartphone making it a better idea to rip the DVD.


You need a good DVD ripper that will give you countless features that work perfectly in ensuring that you have a great experience. Although there are so many DVD rippers, some of which you can download freely from the internet, it would be great to get something that will give you a wonderful experience, even if it means acquiring its premium version.

The DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVD Ripper Software

An overview

When you want to rip a DVD or convert the DVD to a different file format for use on your iPad, PS3, Xbox, ND, Apple TV cell phone or iPod, try using the DVDFab DVD Ripper. This innovative software works perfectly on the re-imaged windows 8, supports iPad 4 and iPad Mini. Its friendly user interface enables people to control different output parameters and can support Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA, batch conversions and Multi-core CPUs that can increase ripping or conversion speeds.


It is not just a DVD video ripper but also very effective if you want to rip audio tracks to listen on portable music players. It doesn’t matter your level of prowess in using the DVDFab DVD Ripper considering that this software is meant to be used by beginners and those with experience. In fact, it comes with predetermined profiles for various devices making it easy to setup while giving you the needed assurance about the quality of output for files to be played on different devices. With the preset profiles, you can control the settings for frame rate, video or audio bitrates, output resolution, image cropping, and sample rate. The software also supports batch conversion if you want to rip multiple files.


Since DVDFab DVD Ripper comes with a 30-day trial period, you can use it the same way you would use the premium version to know about its functioning. The software is in a bundle of several DVDFab programs, which you select from a list several applications.


It is an easy to use application. To launch it, you insert the DVD that is to be ripped to the CD tray and identify the source of the DVD within the application. The software will then extract the necessary ripping information that will in turn display on the user interface. The software comes fully configured-all you need to do is insert it into the CD tray and play! It is quite easy for someone to add or remove files within the app. It can remove any kind of copy protection from a file including CSS, RCE, APS, RC, UOPs and structure protections such as RipGuard. It is also quite easy to do away with layer breaks on a file.


Key Features

Great control over your ability to rip DVD to video and audio formats. You can input different file formats including ISO File, DVD folder and DVD-Video disc.


You can rip any DVD:

The software removes all known protections from a DVD making it possible to rip any DVD.


You can rip DVD to different video formats:

It is easy to rip any DVD to different video formats including DivX, Xvid, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, FLV and H.264. The files are compatible with iPhone, PSP, Xbox 360, NDS, iPad, PS3, Cell Phones, Apple TV, PDA, PVP and iPod.


Rip DVD to different audio formats:

The DVDFab DVD Ripper software is capable of converting DVDs to audio files including MP4, MP3, WMA, AC3, DTS and WAV. It can also extract audio.


Support various devices:

It supports over 20 output modes and over 100 present profiles for supporting different devices and applications.


Great user controls including:

  • DVDFab DVD Ripper allows people to watch video with forced subpicture only.
  • You can set different video effects.
  • You can select video and audio output format.
  • Ease of selecting an exact conversion segment.
  • Ease of setting output audio tracks and subtitles.

Powerful and speedy conversions

  • Easy and speedy batch conversion
  • Profiles that are optimized for different devices
  • Speedy conversion thanks to the Intel Quick Sync, NVIDIA CUDA and Multi-core CPUs
  • Ease of merging titles into a single video
  • Ability to preview movie titles as they play

System requirements

Before you can use the DVDFab DVD Ripper, your system should meet certain criteria: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit), at least P2 with 500MHz, 20GB free space on your hard drive, 512 MB RAM and DVD+R(W) Drive or A DVD-R(W) drive.


Is the DVDFab DVD Ripper worth the hype?

This ripping software is certainly one of the best of its kind considering that it can output countless audio and video file formats. Additionally, puts a lot of control on the user without leaving out those who don’t have the tech knowledge. It combines the power of simplicity and superiority excellently. This ripper is one of the few that can rip protected files without any problems.

Try it for yourself with the 30-day trial period to know whether this is what you really want.

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