Simplifying the Shopping Cart Transactions with One-Step-Checkout

Shopping CartThe desertion of eCommerce sites and various shopping carts does not fascinate the people related to eCommerce business. Entrepreneurs have been experiencing this kind of phenomenon almost often. Several attempts have been made by the eCommerce entrepreneurs to shun the suffering this constant and continuous shopping cart abandonment has been bringing; and to maximize profit and improve the revenues. Irrespective of huge number of traffic designed toward the web page, a bad eCommerce design with ineffective functions would damage your whole online business before you know it.

Therefore, it is extremely essential to understand the trades and learn the tricks of online shopping cart desertion. Rapid evolution of Magento and other internet technologies has broken the grounds for conjecturing upgrades in the already existing methods. Entrepreneurs are now trying hard to speculate speckles and powerful extensions that are competent of eradicating the abandonments of shopping carts. One such effective speculation is one-step-checkout.

This content will focus on the eminence and advantages of employing one-step-checkout on shopping carts and how to This article is all about the benefits of implementing one-step-checkout extension on your websites and how to wipe out the abandonment with ease, while pulling and persuading more customers.

  • Less Lengthy Checkout Process: Demanding too much information while the visitor is checking out is one of the main reasons that impel them to reject or desert online shopping carts. Bethink, every customers wants easy and quick access to products on a shopping cart. If your cart check-out process is time-consuming, it will abandon the cart. The installation of this marvellous Magento extension will help you get rid of the abdicable categories. This successively helps the visitors to share less information as compared to the earlier shopping cart check-out process. It definitely enhances the conversion rates.


  • Speedy Access to Information: If your site has a multi-page checking out process, the visitor will have to revisit a page in order to edit any information he wants. This can be extremely time-consuming and can induce the visitor to leave the page immediately. Therefore, it is necessary that all the relevant details are included in a single page, to make it effortless for the user check the details and make necessary changes easily. This is where one-step-checkout comes into picture, allowing the visitor an outstanding, hassle-free shopping experience.


  • Automatic Billing Costs and Addresses Updates: Suppose that your visitor places an order for a pair of sport shoes; and before proceeding to check-out, he decided to buy three more things from your shopping cart. Magento extension is of great benefit during such times. The one-step-checkout will allow the visitor to place other orders as well and automatically update the cart with the newly added items. That means, the bill will show a sum of all the four items. In fact, it will also automatically fetch the shipping details of the visitor from his profile and save him an extra hour.


  • Improvements in Revenue: One-step-checkout is a marvellous extension that helps you improve your revenues. It is undoubtedly a fascinating extension. This extension will hook your customers and make them stay on the website for long. It also provides quick access, easy-to-use features and elaborate billing. In fact, the one-step-checkout process on your website will improve the revenues of the company almost over 65% and you have to believe this.


  • Easy Installation: Although we talk about the advantages of Magento extension and how beneficial it will be to the eCommerce entrepreneurs as well as customers, one question that wanders in our minds is, ‘will it be simple to install this extension?’ Obviously, we all want to have a hassle-free installation to avail the benefits. The answer to your question is Yes! The steps to set up and install this extension is quite simple and less time consuming. Moreover, it is free of cost and is available in three incomparable editions – Free, Professional, and Enterprise. Every edition is unique with exceptional features and offers a controlled check-out process.


One advantage of this extension is that it will automatically adapt and assimilate the checkout settings once it is installed. Well, you can also customize the features of one-step-checkout process based on your requirements.

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