The Secret To Entrepreneurial Success

2017 is the year for entrepreneurs all over the world. This year so many budding business people have stepped away from the comfort of a 9-5 job and plunged in at the deep end. Girl Bosses are on the rise and there are so many amazing ned small businesses forming around the globe.

The Secret To Entrepreneurial Success

How did they do it? And how can these people maintain their strength, dedication and success over a period of months and years? These are the questions many of us ask before we take that step into the unknown for ourselves.

The best entrepreneurs harbour the ability to assess themselves on a day to day basis in a way that most of us don’t think of. It is crucial to be able to listen to our mind and body and be able to identify when there is anything not quite right such as mentally or with productivity. It is just as important to be able to clearly see our strengths and play to them.

For example, let’s say that you are a creative person, but all the way through school you were talented with science. You pursue science up to a high level, but just don’t feel like that connection is there. Here, you may decide that a scientific path isn’t for you and you would suit something more creative. In turn, you decide to become a writer and sell millions of your first novel. Although the talent and the sensible option may be steer you in one direction; the key to being a success is knowing in your heart that it’s not for you, and being strong enough to pull away from the sensible option and carve your own path.

It may seem like a stupid idea, and your family and friends may not understand your reasons, but being self-assured and determined can set you on a successful path in the future.

Great entrepreneurs are able to move quickly, they aren’t afraid to dive head-first into the abyss and come back out with a pot of gold. It takes a certain strength of character and intelligence to be able to poise yourself, ready to adapt to changes within the world and use them to your advantage. The process of analysing the strengths and opportunities you have to hand is called SWOT. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. It is the practice of looking at something and being able to see everything you could gain and everything you could lose- and making a judgement based on these things. Next time you leap into a decision, think to yourself, did you remember to SWOT?

Successful business people know who they are, and they will use their personality to carve out a unique business and clever strategy to suit their style of working. If you are a passionate person naturally, you may decide to follow your heart and find a career in what you love to do. This will pay off with the products or service you create because people will be able to see the passion you’ve put into it. If you steer more towards to problem solving in life, then you may want a career path where you solve issues for your clients or even find the answer to a technological question that experts have been asking for for years. If you know that the spark for puzzle solving is there, use it. It’s all about being one with yourself and knowing exactly who you are as a person before diving into a career which could be totally wrong.

Once you have started up your empire and you are handling the workload sufficiently, it might be time for you to hire a few extra bodies to take your business to the next level. The most talented entrepreneurs take the time to decide what job role they require, the time each task may take and the type of employee they are looking for. It’s not just as simple and finding the CV with the relevant skills, it’s about the person. As an entrepreneur, you will want like-minded folk working for you. People who know who they are, can play to their strengths and adapt to difficult situations. It is a matter of integrity and passion to succeed. The most qualified isn’t always the best.

Every successful business person follows a routine each morning. It may take you a while to find your ideal routine and stick to it, but having that daily order of tasks will help your brain sync and boost your performance once you are at the desk. Unfortunately, most successful people are early risers. Waking up at 6am and taking the time to wake up your body before you work is key to good mental health. Drink a glass of lemon water to stimulate the brain and boost metabolism, practice meditation to ground yourself for the day ahead and get going.

A clean space allows for a clean mind. It’s a simple concept, but having a spacious and clean workspace is one of the key things to being successful. The ability to organise is what sets successful CEOs apart from the rest. The problem with entrepreneurial minds is that there are always ideas coming out of them. It’s easy to end up with a desk space full of pieces of paper and post it notes detailing 100 different ideas you want to achieve; but this can hinder your ability to work productively. Look into a filing system using plenty of colour, and spend a little extra on a notebook to house all of your ideas and projects. It will declutter your space and declutter your mind.

Finally, remember to keep yourself surrounded by positivity and motivation. This might mean taking the time to read some positive quotes each morning, speaking to your family and friends for support or even just writing down your goals and achievements each day to allow you to see where you are heading as well as what you have completed so far.

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