What Statistics Say About Your Mobile and Internet Usage [Infographic]

Today’s data on tech use is one veritable goldmine when used accordingly. There are definitely a great number of insights we can glean in these findings, which can enlighten us more about the current consumer trends and how technology plays a part in it. One such example is the study run by event agency, Chillisauce.co.uk, which gave various points of reference in terms of how tech usage is linked with stag party inclinations.

Part of the study dealt on how one’s email provider is closely correlated with how an individual spends in a bachelor party. The power spenders turned out to be those who used their work email the most with an expense average of £104.62 while the most likely to scrimp are AOL email users with just an average of £92.52.

Also connected with email use is the travelling distance. The study found out that Gmail users would most likely book stag dos domestically while the ones who use their work email considerably are more inclined to go the greatest distance for stag destinations.

On the other hand, the study also outlined how mobile usage can reveal a person’s average stag group size. Coming in first are iPhone users with more than 15 people in their stag group, followed by Samsung S3 users with an average of 10 to 15. Faring last are Google Nexus users who have an average of five people in their stag group.

All of these data clearly show how people’s stag party proclivities, specifically males in this case, can elucidate various females out there on what their guys like. Whatever adventures, events or experiences may be inclined to; technology does have a way of bridging leisure with one’s mobile and Internet use.

Mobile and Internet Usage [Infographic] (Click on the infographic for better view)

mobile and internet usage Statistics


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