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UberConference is a high-tech calling solution in the market for enterprise community, business class or even a group of university students who want to discuss anything. I find this solution really useful due to its numerous features which make UberConference adapt to any type of conditions providing the user a better control over what is required.


Save on Conference calls

UberConference.com offer service at a price which makes sense and the popularity of UberConference is contributed by its free version. You can avail unlimited conference calls using all the basic features of the system for nothing; yes it is totally free. And even if you want to use all the advanced options offered by UberConference this comes at an affordable price. Pay only $10 a month and you will get all the premium features for UberConference.

There is one more thing I must tell you. This feature fascinated me a lot while using UberConference. If you have purchased a premium member plan for 10$ and have access to all the advanced features; during a conservation that is enough for you. All the members of a conference do not need the premium plan.

This was a bit about the economics of using UberConference but there is much more to unveil. When it comes to user interface and other features of UberConference you will notice that the conference call solution offered by UberConference surpass any other system in the market. One thing that I loved about UberConference is its feature to automatically authenticate the members of a conference.


Simple automatic authentication

Many of you who have been using any other conference call clients will know that incorporation of the PINS for the purpose of authentication comes at the cost of irritation. That always annoyed me and I hated that hindrance. But what I love in UberConference is its feature to allow automatic authentication. In this way incorporation of the PINS is not required and at the same time automatic authentication adds an extra tier of security to your conferences. I must say that UberConference is indeed lovable.

I have an idea to reveal a few of the most striking features of this conference call system so that everyone may know that why I love UberConference.


Benefits offered by in Call View

If you have ever used other conference call systems in the market; these features will let you know that UberConference is the most appropriate solution to your conference call needs. In usual routine conferences, you have many a times do not have any idea that who is on the conference, who joined the system, who left the call and who just said something. This always made my conference calls hectic and spoiled the idea of conferencing on call. But UberConference offered me a better solution plan which enabled best conference calls.

While using UberConference, an in call view makes it easier to know who is on the conference call system. You can see who just joined the conversation. It is also revealed whenever someone leaves the conference. You have the option to easily know who is speaking during a conference. Now forget saying again and again; who just said this?



Benefits offered by Dashboard View

Dashboard view makes it easier for you to integrate all your conferences. There is plenty of information for you that help you decide what, when and how to do. You can view the history of past conferences as well as upcoming conferences are also visible. Other relevant information of your conferences is also available and you can retrieve any desired information at any time.


Benefits offered by Detailed Conference View

The detailed Conference view is also quite useful during an ongoing conversation. You can retrieve a lot of information during a conference call as well as make use of a lot of features that offered by UberConference to you.  I must enlist a few of them to make you know that why UberConference is distinct from any conference solution in the market. These features are not usually offered by other clients.


  • UberConference makes it possible for you to share important information or data with any of the members of a conference call even when the call in going on. You can go private with any of the members while others do not listen to you.


  • You can mute off any of the members in a conference call. Just click the button and the member will not listen to any more of your talk unless you allow once again.


  • You can also choose to switch off the microphone of any of the members so that there is no disturbance caused whatever they say to you. And the conference goes smooth.


  • You can also choose to remove any of the members from the Conference call.



 Using the Detailed overlay

When a conference is going on and you just got something to confirm, got an idea to accomplish or just want to see any details about a caller; that’s easier than ever. Just click the member and a detailed overlay about the member delivering you a lot of information pops up. This can be really useful in more populated conference calls.


UberConference overview video


My End Words

I would like to add at the end that it is really an impressive experience to join UberConference community and to make use of premium features. All these features come at a price that really makes sense. Just pay 10$ a month fee and enjoy the advanced world of conference calling. I would suggest you to Sign up today and start making premium quality conference calls with UberConference.


This is a sponsored post for UberConference . I received compensation for this post but the views here are entirely my own.


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