A Business Venture in Vehicles – No Expensive Premises Needed!

A Business Venture in Vehicles- No Expensive Premises Needed!

Are you a vehicle enthusiast, looking to start a business in something you’re passionate about? There are plenty of options you can choose from, and best of all you don’t have to fork out for expensive premises. There are business ideas involving vehicles that you can do either from home or mobile in a van, meaning it’s relatively cheap to set up and you don’t need to worry about the cost of renting premises or commuting to work. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Buying and Selling Cars From Home

If you have a home with a large driveway or space to store cars and vans, the business of buying and selling can be very lucrative. If you have some mechanical know- how and training especially, you could make some huge profits. Many people sell their cars cheaply or for scrap when things go wrong because they’re not sure of the issue or it would be expensive for them to fix. If you have the knowledge and access to parts at trade prices then a bit of repair work and you’re good to go. Otherwise, simply buying cars and then selling them on for a profit is a great way to make money. As it’s from home, it’s even something you could do in your spare time around another job or childcare commitments.

Mobile Valeting

Valeting is a fairly easy business to get started in, it’s not too expensive to get set up and you have the chance of earning plenty of profit. If you buy a van and work from there you’re able to offer a mobile service, which will highly appeal to those who work full time and don’t get chance to go and get their car cleaned. You can go to them and valet the car during their work time so it’s done and dusted while they work. You’ll need to invest in a van, the valeting equipment and chemicals and go on a short course to learn how to use everything. You will also need to purchase motor trade insurance from a company like i4mt. However as far as getting started in business goes, this is a great one to consider.

Mobile Tyre Fitting Service

The problem with having a flat or punctured tyre is that you’re stranded where you are- you can’t legally drive with a flat tyre. If you don’t have a spare (or the skills to fit a spare wheel) it can mean calling out a breakdown company. Unless you’re covered, this can be expensive! For many people, calling out a mobile tyre fitting service is the obvious choice, and so there’s definitely a good market for this as a business. You can go out to customers at their home or work and change their balding tyres or sort out those that have punctures on the roads. You might need a lockup to store the tyres for your business, otherwise if you have a large shed or outbuilding at home this will suffice.

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