Factors You Might Not Consider When Doing Your Keyword Research

When you research keywords this is an important aspect of your business that can make a big difference to how successful your page ultimately becomes. Researching keywords ensures that there is a demand for your page before you make it meaning you don’t waste time, and at the same time it ensures that people will be able to find it who need it once you’re done.

However doing your keyword research isn’t just an aspect of SEO – it’s also an element of general marketing. You don’t even have to include the keyword or key phrase that you research on your page at all for it to be useful – just knowing that that’s a popular subject can be enough and particularly in light of semantic search.

Despite this, many people will still have a relatively very narrow view of keyword research and how to do it, and there are many factors they often miss out as a result. Here we will look at some of those and help ensure you don’t fall into the same trap.

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Factors to Remember Doing Keyword Research

Targeting: When you make a PPC advertising campaign, you’ll choose the keywords you want it to appear for based on the fact that those keywords are targeted. When you make a web page it’s easy to forget this and to just target what’s popular. Instead, think about the kind of traffic that you want on your site most, and that is most likely to stick around and to click your links – would they be searching for that term?


Competition: This should be obvious, but it’s something that many people nevertheless forget. Going for the most popular keywords in the world such as ‘bodybuilding’ or ‘make money online’ is of no real use to anyone anymore because they’re so overcrowded. Make sure to do the research, and to look at the competition surrounding the keyword or phrase you’re going to use as otherwise you might just be spinning your wheels. Even just going for a slight rephrasing can help reduce the competition, though semantic search makes this harder.

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Other Engines: Though it might not seem like it sometimes, there are other search engines out there that aren’t Google and there are still some people who use Yahoo! and Bing. While this won’t bring you a huge amount of traffic comparatively it’s still worth getting to the top of Bing if you can and it could be good news in future if it increases in popularity, so check to see if there are any niches on those sites too.

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Time: You also need to bear in mind the temporal aspect when choosing your keywords. In other words, don’t just look at what’s successful right now, but think about which things are going to be successful in the next month. Going for headline news for instance is only really worthwhile if you are able to make lots of daily updates – it comes so fast that it can be impossible otherwise to keep up and people will stop searching for your old pages pretty quickly. Likewise just because something isn’t popular now, doesn’t mean that it won’t be one day soon and isn’t worth targeting.

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