WallpapersProject Review: Free Wallpapers For Your Desktop and Mobile

A computer or a mobile device is a lot funnier if when it has great wallpapers. With the advancement of the internet, so are people innovating new ways of sharing attractive images that could make great wallpapers for others around the world.

WallpapersProject allows people achieve this goal since users upload a large proportion of the images for everyone to see. With growing number of internet users every day coupled with the popularity of social media, more people are uploading photos taken from different parts of the world to capture their memories. Unlike many other social media sites, you don’t have to be friend, connect or follow anyone to see the photos; once any photo is uploaded, it is available for anyone to see and download.

WallpapersProject Review


Who is WallpapersProject?

This is an online database of free wallpapers for computers and mobile devices. with majority of them uploaded by community members from all over the world although the administrators upload others. One nice feature about it is that the wallpapers are structured in terms of relevance making it easy for people to find wallpapers that are relevant. The wallpapers are specially made for computers and mobile devices; all you have to do is select your desired picture, choose your device, determine your preferred wallpaper resolution and then download it.

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Properly categorized wallpapers

WallpaperProject features wallpapers classified in over 10 categories for people with interest in different topics. It is quite easy to locate a nice picture to suit your needs. The clear categorization makes it easy for someone to navigate when searching for a suitable image.

You don’t have to worry about searching through irrelevant images. You can tell the number of times a photo has been downloaded even before clicking on it, which is really a cool thing for someone who likes moving with the crowd.

Some of the categories include:

  • Abstract & Autos
  • Cartoons & Peoples
  • Music & Love
  • City & Fantasy
  • Games & Holidays
  • Background & Flowers
  • Nature & Objects
  • Animals & Anime
  • Food & Sexy
  • Transport & Other.


The fact that photos are largely contributed by members is a sure thing that you will find something ideal. Accessing and downloading the photos is free; you don’t even have to register to the site!


Free uploads and downloads for mobiles and desktop

Uploading pictures to the website is quite easy; all you have to do is login through Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Registration to the website is free; all you have to do is upload the wallpaper and share it freely. You can even share it to your social networks. This is really a sure way of sharing your hobby of taking photos to the masses.

Additionally, you can tell the number of times your pictures have been downloaded since the site has downloads counter. The site supports desktops and Android, iOS and windows mobile devices.

Community members retain all the rights to the pictures they upload. Registered users can place links to their social networks or blogs, so that those who are interested in their work could contact them. However, WallpapersProject requires that community members upload photos to which they have all the necessary rights.

WallpapersProject allows guests to download photos directly to their mobile phones, smart phones and desktop computers. You get high-resolution photos in a few clicks since the website seems well designed and easy to navigate.

For instance, all you have to do is select a specific category to see what community members and the administration have uploaded. Once this is done, you can choose your desired resolution; it even has a manual way of adjusting the resolution to fit your needs.



Pictures to this website are mainly added by members, which mean you can get photos taken by people from all over the world. The more people are uploading photos, the larger the database, which is a plus if you want something unique and interesting. It is a great way of learning how creative people could get in taking or creating pictures.

If you want to get current photos that you might not find anywhere else, this could be a great site to get the photos. However, it is important to notify the publisher before using any of these to ensure you don’t face any copyright infringement problems.

Navigating the website when searching for images is quite easy especially because photos are arranged in a chronological order. Even with the clear categorization, the images are sorted chronologically such that you can view the latest images first.

If you want to move with the crowd, you can choose the most popular photos first. All the photos on the website are of high resolution, 2560×1600, although you can scale it down to 1024×768.



There is no monetization option for photos author. I think they should add this feature on WallpapersProject to attract huge photographers!

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