Uscreen: Create and Sell Your Videos Online

The significance of creating videos for promoting businesses is becoming the most popular trends of the present times. People from various walks of life have understood its worth and are interested in making videos and subscription channels to sell their content? You will find various podiums that allows you to sell videos online.

It all depends on what exactly you want. So, if you are looking for more mature and robust performances that give your customer the best user experiences, then Uscreen will definitely be your best choice.

Uscreen : Create and Sell Your Videos Online

What is Uscreen?

Uscreen is an online video streaming services brand, launched in 2013 that enables its users to create and sell videos online directly to their clients in a very quick easy and simple manner. It mainly offers you a secure gateway to not only produce, manage and monetize your videos but also allows you to build your own subscription website just like NetFlix.

Uscreen pretty much gives you everything that you need to generate your own subscription channel. Things like video hosting, coding, and billing; all are taken care of by Uscreen. By using Uscreen services, you can build your very own attractive websites and landing pages, depicting your content and of course your videos.

Additionally, the majority of the customers are using Uscreen to offer health tutorials, fitness classes, and professional training. Regular subscriptions can be offered to the users who sign up and pay monthly, quarterly or yearly or even you can go with just one-time video sale option.

Uscreen let you host video training programs for any size of the market. Video distribution services, large or small, both have found the perfect tools in Usecreen. Moreover, it allows you to set up a video program with multiple videos and thus, they are delivered to your customers systematically.

The students do not have to randomly view any course like that can rather distort the whole learning process. By delivering lessons in step-wise procedures, one after the other, your clients will surely be going to find it knowledgeable and fruitful, and on your part, you will be sure to deliver value in your program.

What are the key features Uscreen offers to its clients?

Content management:

Uscreen allows you to upload any content which includes videos, documents, PDFs, text, images, presentations, webinars, live streaming and much more. It supports multiple uploading methods.

Wipe out the worries associated with uploading each file individually as Uscreen comes with built-in bulk uploader which offers quick transfer of the files in bulk.

Utilizing global CDN called Akamai, Uscreen let you stream to any location in the world and guarantees no buffering.

Within Uscreen, you can easily implement a live streaming player and later sell this video as Video on Demand (VOD)

Learning tools:

  • Uscreen displays the content in chapter wise, thus making sense.
  • You can have quizzes and questions in between the chapters.
  • Uscreen allows you to tag your videos with chapter.
  • You can also create links to PDF documents and websites from any portion of your videos.
  • Build a community for the posting comments and collaborating.

Design and customization:

  • They allow custom domains to be set up.
  • Their themes are designed to work well on all devices, and it is fully customizable with its advanced CSS and HTML editing feature.
  • It does have a built-in blog feature.
  • You can also create highly converting landing pages here.

Sales and marketing:

Voice your brand through Uscreen!! Uscreen has tremendously promoted the concept of marketing by offering numerous advanced features encompassing one-time sales, rental offers, upsell products, marketing integrations, sales funnel creation, social media integrations, coupons and promotion, built-in affiliate system, etc.
In-depth Analytics:

In any sort of businesses reports are vital, isn’t it? So, Uscreen facilitates you with a complete report system that has features like video analytics, heatmaps, 3rd party analytics integrations, financial reports, sales tracking pixel support, etc.

Built-in billing procedures:

Uscreen has incorporated payment system. They are eligible for accepting all payment types at international levels. You need not worry about the security of payments because they are secured by SSL.

Fully Branded Native Apps & OTT Apps:

Uscreen offers mobile apps for both Apple iOS and Smart Android devices which will allow practically all mobile users to buy and view your video content easily via their mobiles.

Stream and download:

Uscreen will allow your customers to either view the video content online or permits them to download it to their device and for late viewing.

Rent, buy or subscribe:

Users can rent, buy or subscribe to any of the videos on Uscreen. The publisher admin area allows the publishers to set the price and manage subscriptions.

Security and support:

On Uscreen, all videos on the platform are protected with their proprietary DRM (Digital Rights Management) and encryption to offer maximum security.

How much will Uscreen cost you?

  • Uscreen is offering three plans to its users;
  • The Basic Plan – $99 per month
  • The Pro Plan – $199 per month
  • The Luxury Plan – $399 per month

However, opting to pay more will let you get more advanced features, and of course, your viewers will enjoy watching all videos available on the Uscreen platform via any device including desktop and laptop PCs, smartphones, tablets/phablets, TVs and Apple Airplay at any place and time.

FAQ’s about Uscreen:

Can subtitles be added to the videos?

Yes, the Uscreen VOD platform fully supports subtitles which can easily be uploaded via the backend.

Does Uscreen support Multi-languages?

Yes, it supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, as well as other languages by request.

What Payment methods it supports?

Stripe and Braintree Payments, and through Braintree, PayPal is fully supported.

Do I have to share my channel earnings with Uscreen?

No, not at all!! Uscreen has not set up any commission charges. It simply charges a flat monthly fee for the platform only.

Is the platform white labeled?

Yes, the Uscreen is all branded with your company’s name, logo, and color scheming.


Overall, the Uscreen platform is very handy to create and sell videos online without any hassle. You can make more money from your videos by joining the Uscreen.

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