Top Reasons for Making DVD Copies

The price of blank DVDs has plummeted in recent years, making them a relatively inexpensive way of backing up media and personal data. Almost every new PC or Mac on the market has a DVD writer built-in. Look around your home and you will probably find several devices that can play content burnt on a DVD: the games console sitting under the TV, a portable DVD player and the one inside the family PC. Everyone you know will own a collection of DVDs. Here, we’ll look at the top reasons for making a DVD copy.

DVD Copies

1) Easiest way to share large files

Burn a DVD, give it to a friend or colleague and they are on their way. Simple. You don’t necessarily need any special software (most versions of Windows and Mac OS have the ability to write DVDs built-in) and no internet connection is required. Not everyone has broadband or a reliable connection, so burning DVDs remains one of the best ways for sharing data. Small files can be sent relatively quickly over e-mail and services such as Dropbox, larger files can put a drain on any connection, no matter how quick it is.

2) It’s easy to send DVDs abroad

Not every country has reliable internet connections. Internet access is prohibitively expensive in many parts of the world, in addition to strict censoring of popular websites such as YouTube and Google. Your relatives abroad may not even be able to look at your Facebook pictures or read your tweets. Forget sending home movies over the internet. DVD players are, however, relatively common around the world – even if they are using old hardware. Simply burn the pictures or films you want to send on a DVD and pop it in the post. It is a cheap and easy way to ensure your relatives don’t miss out on those special moments.

3) DVDs are cheap

A pack of 10 rewritable DVDs costs around £2.50. That’s only 25p a disc. You could back up your entire collection of music for a fraction of what a USB removable drive costs.

4) DVDs are durable

Take care with your DVDs and they should last many years for come. Stick to established manufacturers such as Verbatim or Maxell, keep them away from the hands of sticky children and extremes of temperature and you should be fine.

5) Enjoy your pictures and films on the TV

It’s easy to share your pictures and films with everyone in the living room thanks to DVDs. Burn a copy of the home movie you made in the afternoon and play it on the games console or DVD player. You don’t need an internet connection and can enjoy popcorn at the same time. No cables or special software is required, either.

6) You can save your PC or Mac

It only takes a few minutes to make a start-up disc for your PC or Mac with a blank DVD. If your computer experiences problems and you need to boot it up, this can be a lifesaver.

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