Top Gadgets to Keep You Fit and Healthy

Keeping fit and healthy used to be such an arduous affair. Endless trips to the gym, humping weights around, having to pay painstaking attention to what you eat, when you exercise, and so on. Well, now it’s time to be grateful that you live in the age of modern technology! Where once it was just you against your flab, you now have some powerful weapons in your fight for fitness! So read on and check out this collection of six bits of kit that’ll make staying in shape that bit easier.

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The iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor

This great little gadget means you can keep an eye on your blood pressure whilst at home. Most of us only pay attention to our blood pressure when we’re at the doctors – so it’s a great idea to purchase this and really invest in your health and improving your performance. Your readings can then be emailed to your doctor or just stored safely for further reference. Great for anyone with a history of high blood pressure or just for anyone wanting to monitor their wellbeing.

HealthSmart Finger Ring Heart Rate Monitor, stopwatch and clock

The health smart finger ring heart rate monitor is the perfect gadget for those who love taking a jog – but don’t like carting around various bits of equipment with them – or feeling weighed down. By having all you need on your finger – you can concentrate on actually running – and keeping fit!

Zadro Artificial Sunlight 365 SAD Therapy Day Light Box

To many people, this may seem like a pretty pointless invention – but there is definitely a market out there. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a mood disorder that affects sufferers during the cold, dark winter months. Some patients have found that getting a good dose of UV light, simulating the effects of natural sunlight, can help alleviate symptoms, and some people have found that a regular dose of natural light can improve your mood in general.


This great iPhone app advises you on suitable exercises for your body type, and also helps you target the right areas of your body, depending on where you want to lose fat or build muscle. The app is super cheap and a great side-kick to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness levels.

High-tech Body Scales

There are some fantastic body scales out there that can help inform you about your body and help you target the right area of fitness. These great scales can help not only measure your weight, but also your body composition and body fat level. It can help you monitor and manage your weight and encourage you to continue you quest for better health.

The Powerball

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The Powerball is an entire weightlifting gym in a small and self-contained device. The weight comes from the speed in which a tiny ball inside the device spins around – so you can adjust the weight and the intensity of your workout with the flick of a switch. This device is great for those who travel a lot but like to keep fit whilst they do so.

Of course we all want to stay fit and healthy – and these gadget won’t guarantee you health stays in tip top condition – they will make the journey to fitness a more interesting one though, and they’ll encourage you to keep going on your fitness quest. Little gadgets like these can give us a clearer idea of our fitness levels and can really help us begin to understand our body’s process and our body’s needs.


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