Top 10 Website Hosting Service Providers

Top Webhosting service providersIt is truly exciting to host your own website. Owning some space on the Web is a way to get noticed globally. Everything, right from choosing the domain name to deciding your website’s content is interesting. All is well until you start searching for a hosting service provider because you will be bewildered by umpteen providers with promising taglines and technical jargons.

The thing is that, we all have various requirements. What you’re searching for in a cheap Linux hosting is expected to get your website convenient through the online market. There are various web host providers in the hosting industry based on multiple attributes like the quality of service, support, and privileges.

There are some providers who give you exceptional service at affordable rates. I have ranked them based on their service and service charges.

  • 10. GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks is the ideal hosting service for people who wish to go green. You get unlimited bandwidth and disk space with normal plans and you can choose bandwidths ranging from 500 GB to 1500 GB under VPS plans.

  • 9. DomainRacer:

DomainRacer is a reliable and cheap website hosting plans provider for customer different type of hosting requirements. You will also get Unlimited SSD Disk Space and Bandwidth, 19x Faster LiteSpeed Technology, Free SSL Certificates at a very affordable price as compared to another hosting provider. DomainRacer offers easy to use and user-friendly cpanel control panel to manage your site at your end.

  • 8. FatCow:

FatCow is powered by wind energy. Like many other service providers, they provided unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You can advertise your site for free on Facebook and get a free listing in Yellow Pages. You also get a toll-free number with 100 free minutes.

  • 7. A2 Hosting:

With A2 Hosting, you will be spoilt for choices. You get up to 1000GB storage space in their dedicated server and up to 150 GB under VPS plans.

  • 6. Bluehost:

Bluehost provides you simple scripts and an easy-to-use site builder. You also get unlimited subdomains, disk space, bandwidth and accurate site statistics. They provide optimum features for E-Commerce such as an SSL secure server, GPG encryption, and password protected directories among others. Their multiple 10 GB Ethernet connection ensures hassle-free services.

  • 5. Glob@t:

This service provider is a one stop solution for all your online store needs. You can enhance the look and feel of your website by using features such as Gallery2 Photo Gallery, ShopSite Shopping Cart, Free Site Templates, unlimited MYSQL Databases, and others. You also get trustable scripting support for Gallery, WordPress, osCommerce, and so on. In addition, you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  • 4. Yahoo Web Hosting:

Yahoo is a trusted hosting service provider offering good value for your money. You get up to 1000 free email addresses and you can also use third party site building tools. Under their Premier plan, you get unlimited disk space. If your site receives high traffic and you have plans to expand your web space, Yahoo is a good choice.

It is one of the giants in the web hosting industry. You get unlimited bandwidth and disk space and also 4500 templates. The VPS hosting service is exceptional with up to 3150 GB bandwidth. You also get a 10 TB bandwidth under dedicated server plans.

  • 2. ixWebhosting:

They offer unlimited web space and bandwidth, which translates to 300,000 files under Linux plans and 100,000 files under Windows plans. However, this must be sufficient for all your needs.

  • 1. Eleven2:

Eleven2 offers tempting packages with unbelievable storage space and bandwidth. You get storage space ranging from 10 GB to 999,999 GB with free unlimited domains and dedicated IP access. Their dedicated hosting service offers bandwidths of up to 10 TB. Unlike other 30 Days Money Back Guarantees, Eleven2 gives a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.
Some of these service providers also offer cloud computing services. Research more on the bells and whistles to choose the best service.


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