Top 10 Electric Bike Maintenance Tips

Ditching your conventional car or motorbike and opting for a smooth battery-powered bike is gaining massive interest. The benefits are immense as well. You are guarded from the moody fuel prices and are a part of the elite community who are serious about a reduction in the global carbon footprint. And that’s not it; an electric bike is one of the best ways to bust the daily traffic woes. If you wish to get an eBike try Gtech offers @ HotUKSavings which provides you the best deals and discounts on eBikes. But your new travel buddy can hit back at you if it’s not taken care of. And to help you keep your electric bike at its peak for a longer life, we list down some of the simplest maintenance tips…

Electric Bike

  • Tip No. 1 –Tire health

The health of your tire should be of prime importance since that’s what gets you going every day. The tire-factor gets more crucial on an E-bike since it’s heavier than a regular bike which adds extra pressure on the lower half, leading to frequent wear and tear near the rim area. Pump up your tire before every ride or at least have a superficial check on them before you hit the road.

  • Tip No. 2 – Inspect the brakes.

Most E-bikes have a disc brake system similar to motor bikes. The advantage of such brakes includes instant and safe braking mechanism, but rough usage can lead to thinning of internal brushes/pads and loosening of screws. The same risk applies to caliper brakes.

  • Tip No. 3 – Battery power cycle.

Read the operator’s manual carefully and check what it says about the battery life of your bike. Some bikes have the least functionality which gives a healthy life of almost one week depending on your route length and usage. While there are other heavy-duty versions which drain your battery much quickly! In any case, charge your battery to the 100% mark every day before you leave your home.

  • Tip No. 4 – Lubrication.

Another factor that is dependent on your length of ride is the level of lubrication that sustains on your machine. Lube/Oil being a consumer and depreciating commodity must be re-applied once or twice every month. A reduction in lubrication can be understood by silent squeaking sounds which gets larger as the bike runs out of fluid.

  • Tip No. 5 – Check your chains.

People consider the chain to be the strongest part in a bike due to its metallic nature and tend to overlook its maintenance. Well, it definitely is a strong component, but even the slightest of misalignment can lead to a lethal derailment on the road. Keep a constant check on your chain links and always leave a thick layer of lubricant for a smooth ride.

  • Tip No. 6 – A smooth handlebar.

As was mentioned earlier, an E-bike takes a higher amount of pressure compared to the regular bike. And apart from the wheel, even the handlebars sustain mechanical vibration due to constant jerking and steering. Make sure all the screws in the upper assembly are properly positioned and well tightened for a smooth steer on the road.

  • Tip No. 7 – Clean the cassette.

The metallic segment, which holds is called the chain, cassette or simply cassette. If the chain link is overlooked, then the cassette can be considered as a complete blind spot. Most riders don’t realize the amount of dust and junk that accumulates inside the cassette over a period of time. Over the weekend, dismantle the chain and cassette assembly and splash it generously with sprays like WD40 or a carburetor cleaner and leave it untouched for a while. Continue to wash it with clean water, dry it and re-assemble it back into your bike. Following this pattern will guarantee and exceedingly long life to your bike.

  • Tip No. 8 – Electrical connections.

Like any other electrical appliance, the E-bike runs via power supply that is enabled through its electrical cables. And since the cables run externally, the risk of damage or cuts are quite high. Check your connections and make sure the terminals are tightened once every week. Also, keep spare cables handy to steer through easily during unforeseen situations.

  • Tip No. 9 – Secondary charger and battery.

Because, why not? If our smartphones and tablets get this luxury, then why not the bike which gets your around? If you have a long commute to the office, then a second charger can be extremely handy as you can plug-in your bike even at work. And a second battery? Well, think about it as an extra bike during an emergency.

  • Tip No. 10 – Your personal tool kit.

It’s fun to get your hands dirty and feel like an engineer even if you aren’t one. But jokes apart, having a tool kit could be one of the most intelligent investment towards bike maintenance. Since an e-bike is a pretty straightforward machine, there’s nothing really complicated about learning a few tips on the mechanical works related to your bike. And with tons of videos available on YouTube, you really shouldn’t be in a tough situation there.
These tips will not only help you keep your electric bike well maintained but will also help you stay hale and hearty!

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